Diet Tatiana Navka

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a couple of months ago fans of Tatiana Navka were convinced that their idol is carrying a second child. The reason for that was a series of photos where rounded skater evoke such a thought. Now, however, our heroine once again regained the harmony of forms. Apparently, she just gained a bit of weight, and that was the reason for the active to the pregnancy rumors. You can learn what diet is Tatiana Navka has helped to solve a funny misunderstanding.

Recipe fast weight loss

To promptly deal with the problem of excess weight, but it does not harm their health, Tatiana Navka wisely suited to the preparation of your diet. It eliminates from your diet simple sugars. The basis of its menu consists of seafood, fish, lean meat, and vegetable food in all its diversity. All meals during the period of this discharge is cooked by gentle heat treatment (vegetables and fruits skater for the most part use fresh). Salt it limits, so she was not detained fluid in the body, but dry red wine, on the contrary, necessarily involves in the daily diet (though in small amounts, no more glasses a day). The fact that the wine is in some way boosts the metabolism and accelerates the burning of fat.

If the period of weight loss does not coincide in time with the performances, Navka almost refuses to dinners, going in the evening on "drinking mode". A large amount of fluid allows it to cleanse the body of toxins. Combining this diet with physical activity, our heroine manages in short time to cope with the excess weight.

Daily diet Tatiana Navka

In the life of a skater is no place for "junk food" — she doesn't use fast food and ignores the not-too-healthy sweets. If you have the desire to eat chocolate, Tatiana chooses the bitter varieties contain a minimum of sugar and most useful elements. In the athletes diet has a large amount of liquid, and in addition to clean water, it does not forget to pamper your body with healthy juices, herbal teas and fruit teas.

Navka opposed to grueling, strict diets, but does not understand eating is to eat according to her sensibly, be sure the right balance of nutrients.

it is Difficult not to agree with the famous athletes, because neither fasting nor overeating is no good can not lead. Eat balanced – this will allow you to save and health and beauty.