Medical diet for weight loss

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Medical diet for weight loss hard diet plan to quickly lose a large excess weight. Such a diet is recommended too fat before the surgical intervention.

Menus of medical diets

the following nutrition plan is designed for a week, but if necessary, the diet can be extended to 14 days. A day spent 0.5-1 kg of excess weight. Scheme of diet is a combination of low calorie or not "empty" fasting days. We offer to your attention two diet.

Ration No. 1

• Monday: still mineral water (6 cups)
• Tuesday: low fat milk – 800 ml (the daily rate should be distributed on the day), the evening is supposed to eat the big Apple (21.00)
• Environment: still mineral water (6 cups)
• Thursday: 500 ml of unsweetened tea and mineral water without gas, and liter bottle of salad made from raw carrots, cabbage and greens (as a dressing you can use vegetable oil)
• Friday: low fat milk – 800 ml (the daily rate should be distributed on the day)
• Saturday: boiled egg, 100 ml of unsweetened tea and 250 ml of vegetable broth (before lunch), and 100 grams of lean boiled meat, 100 grams of green peas and 3 apples (after lunch, before 19.00)
• Sunday: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese and 500 ml of yogurt or milk and tea without sugar

Ration No. 2

• Monday: 6 cups non-carbonated mineral water
• Tuesday: a liter of low-fat milk
• Runtime: 6 cups non-carbonated mineral water
• Thursday: cabbage (you can make a salad) and a few cups of tea without sugar
• Friday: a liter of low-fat milk and sour-sweet fruit
• Saturday: vegetable broth, 100 ml of tea without sugar, boiled meat – 100 g, and 2-3 tablespoons of green peas
• Sunday: tangerines and mineral water

Recovery menu medical diet

After any of the above diets are recommended for another week to devote to a limited range of products the recovery menu. In fact, it is the continuation of the diet.

• Monday: the kissel welded from rolled oats (at 9.00 and 12.00) and juice from carrots, Apple, orange (drink them respectively at 15.00, 18.00 and 21.00)
• Tuesday (for day): water, oatmeal and cabbage juice
• Medium: steaming hot water berries prunes (6 PCs), Cup of fresh berries, orange juice, the cucumber salad and a decoction of dried fruit (you need to eat every 3 hours)
• Thursday: Cup of yogurt, a serving of salad, 2-3 fruit, salad of green vegetables (need to eat every 3 hours)
• Friday: cottage cheese diet, lean buckwheat porridge, salad of green vegetables, low-fat cheese and greens (the last meal at 18.00)
• Saturday and Sunday: steam scrambled eggs with greens, 2-3 fruits, steamed or boiled vegetables (potatoes is banned)

Important information

Medical diet should only adhere if there is evidence. It provides quick weight loss that may adversely affect health (who must be medical supervision). After the diet the weight usually quickly restored.

the Diet has a number of contraindications – it can not be used for anemia, diseases of the lungs and cardiovascular system. It is not necessary to resort to the above menu, when rectal prolapse, peptic ulcer, gastritis, peritonitis, duodenitis, General weakness or an overly active lifestyle.

Repeat medical diet can be no more than 1-2 times a year. Since hard diet does not provide all necessary nutrients, in the diet need to take vitamin and mineral complex.


Health diet perfect for weight loss, so only use it not everyone can. Hard unloading may cause harm – do not use it, without coordinating their actions with your doctor.