Diet for press

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Experts say that to get rid of the build up of fat in the abdominal area is very difficult and indeed it is. This is especially true for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, which nature has awarded these "supplies" in the name of the main purpose of the female body – the gestation of a new life. You can learn what diet for abs will help to solve the annoying problem.

Diet for abs in 3 weeks

This diet will encourage the body to burn fatty tissue in the abdomen. However, even this highly effective technique will not bring the result, if not to combine it with the right load. We'll talk about it later. Note — throughout diet does not hurt to take vitamin and mineral complex.

so, the first week the diet requires you to reduce caloric intake to 2000 calories a day. The exception shall be the following products:
• Pickles and smoked
• Any sausages and fatty meats
• Any of the desserts and sweets
• Alcohol

it is Preferable to split meals (5-6 times a day). The portions should be quite small. It is essential to drink enough clean water. During this period, the diet is cleansing the body and the normalization of the digestive system. Weight loss is usually 1-3 kg.

the Second week diet for abs is devoted to plant foods and dairy products low in fat. The calories have to be reduced to 1200 kcal. Vegetables and fruits can be eaten raw and you can cook them in a variety of light meals (food is allowed to boil, to steam, bake). During this period, due to lower caloric content, the body begins to actively spend fat reserves. During the week we spend up to 5 kg of excess weight.

the Third week will slightly raise the calorie (about 200-300 calories). In addition to dietary meals with minimal inclusion of vegetable oil in the diet period is recommended to drink still mineral water and freshly made juices of vegetables or sour-sweet fruit.

The correct physical activity

To strengthen the action of the diet it is important to exercise regularly, paying particular attention to the area of the press. It is very important to the abdominals on an empty stomach, 2-3 hours before eating. The body is not receiving support in the form of food, will take the energy it is from working on parts of the body, and this means that the stomach will noticeably reduce its volume.

Exercises complete with a slight delay at the extreme point of the movement – this will allow us to work the muscles and enhance the effect of the performed exercise. It is worth remembering that the movement should be done smoothly, without jerks.

do Not exercise to exhaustion – it will not bring much effect. Charter, you will not notice how the focus with the abdominal muscles will pass to the muscles of the back.

Diet for abs and exercise is a kind of step on the way to the ideal figure. We wish you good luck in achieving your goals!