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Diet Lolita Milavskaya


Lolita is one of the most controversial characters of our scene. The singer does not get tired to surprise their fans not only with their repertoire, but also the external metamorphosis. More recently, "lush" Lolita is suddenly transformed. What's to blame: the wedding of Dmitry Ivanov and related light event experiences, or a special diet Lolita the site? This question is of interest to many fans of the stars, and we will try to find the correct answer.

Options diet Lolita Milavskaya

In fact, the issue of losing weight Lolita has paid and continues to pay great attention to nature has awarded her curvaceous. Despite the fact that the star's shape is not satisfactory to her many fans very lolita she's not satisfied with the first option it diet different hard and not too balanced menu. This diet, by the way, was chosen by many stars of our platform, so "Peru" heroine of our article it does not belong. The duration of this technique of weight loss is only 7 days, and weight loss reaches 5-7 kg. we Offer to your attention diet menu.

Menu No. 1

Daily (except Sunday) throughout the day is necessary to drink 1-1.5 l low-fat yogurt (preference is given to the one percent and one-day product, which has low calories and thus noticeably weak, cleansing the digestive tract).

• Monday: roasted without oil or boiled potatoes – 4-5 pieces (the number depends on the size of tubers)
• Tuesday: chicken fillet without salt (boiled, steamed) – 100 g
• Environment: meat, vegetable varieties, boiled (without salt) – 100 g
• Thursday: low-fat fish without salt (boiled, steamed) – 100 g
• Friday: green vegetables (they can be combined to prepare the salad, seasoning it with lemon juice), and any sour-sweet fruit
• Saturday: just yogurt, but the fat content may reach 2.5 %
• Sunday: mineral or table water without gas

the Second variant of the diet of the singer has a too short duration (7-10 days). Weight loss usually does not exceed 4-6.

Menu No. 2

• Breakfast: cheese minimal fat — 100 g, and sour-sweet fruits (with their participation can make a fruit and cheese salad) and unsweetened green tea or herbal decoction
• Dinner: lean fish, grilled or steamed – 100 g, and green vegetables (in a salad with a dressing of lemon juice) and half of a sweet fruit
• Dinner (it should be completed before 18.00): toast of black bread and yogurt – 250 ml

your Daily dose of water – 1.5-2 l

Both diets Lolita the site cannot be called a thorough – they are practically depriving the body of fatty acids. However, short-term and also partial rejection of fat is unlikely to cause a particular harm. You can choose any of the suggested diets, however do not forget that after will have to avoid food excesses, otherwise weight very quickly find their way back.