The actor's diet

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the Authorship of this technique of weight loss is credited with the actor's brother – supposedly, the diet was used by Soviet artists to keep in shape. In our article acting diet presented in three versions – maybe one of them will help you to achieve perfection.


This diet severely restricts the range of products, so it has many contraindications (pregnancy, diseases of the digestive, excretory and cardiovascular systems). In fact, to start such a diet can only completely healthy people.

Rules complete diet

After any of the actor's diet it is recommended to return to a normal diet gradually. The first week is devoted to a salt-free diet, but with a wider range of products (oily and fried food excluded). Then you can gradually move to a complete diet (but no frills).

Diet for 4 days

In 4 days you can lose 2-3 kg. Weight goes mainly through excretion of excess fluid, so the result is unstable. A specified rate of products is recommended to be divided into 4-5 meals. Salt and sugar are excluded.

Day # 1 is dedicated to rice (soak 1 tbsp. of dry cereals in cold water for 6-8 hours and then boil). You can drink water, unsweetened green tea and tomato juice (the latter is not more than 1 liter). Menu day # 2 is dedicated to protein-rich foods: it is recommended to eat low-fat cottage cheese (0.8 kg) and to drink fat-free yogurt (1 liter). Next day again dedicated to protein – need to eat boiled lean meat (it is advisable to pay attention to the chicken). To drink is green tea, water. The final day of the diet makes to refuse any drink in favor of dry red wine (0.7 l). To eat wine can only be low-calorie cheese (200 g). If wine does not suit you, replace it with a freshly made orange juice. The water in the day as possible is excluded.

The diet for 5 days

This version of the diet allows you to lose 4-5 lbs. the First 4 days identical to the previous version. Day No. 5 is devoted to fruit – you can eat pears or apples (up to saturation). We recommend that you drink only water and unsweetened tea.

Diet for 12 days

This diet is designed for people with a strong will – 12 days need to give up salt, I have to eat very modestly. You can choose one of the proposed schemes. In the first case, the diet begins with a dairy menu for 3 days eat low-fat cottage cheese (0.8 kg per day), drink fat-free yogurt (1-1.5 l). Next 3 days have fruit menu – eat apples and pears, drink water, green tea. The next stage (3 days) dedicated to boiled meat, herbal teas, non-carbonated water. The norm of meat is not strictly regulated, but overeating is not. Complete the diet 3 days on wine and cheese (0.7 l/200 g). Water should be the maximum limit. If the wine you can not drink, replace it with natural orange juice.

Another scheme distributes products in days. First, you will eat rice porridge, cooked with 1 tbsp. of grits and drink tomato juice (1 liter). The next day comes the turn of kefir 2,5 % (1.5 l). Day 3 is dedicated to boiled meat and green tea and day # 4 – fruits. Day # 5 brings us back again to the rice and tomato juice (the rate remains the same). The following day is dedicated to the kefir. Day 7 – fish menu (you can eat fish and seafood, boiled). You need to drink water and teas. The next day it's time for wine and cheese (400 ml/150 g). Day # 9 – rice with tomato juice, day # 10 – yogurt. The next day you can eat only boiled meat, and drink green tea. Completes diet Apple day (fruit is not restricted, but impossible to overeat). You can drink water and teas.


the Actor's diet, judging by the reviews, quickly takes the weight. The performance depends on the duration of the chosen option. Unfortunately, to keep the achieved result is far from full.