The Atkins Diet

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Principles of the diet

What is the Atkins diet differs from other methods of weight loss? The main difference is the absence of a ban on the consumption of saturated fats. In addition, the diet requires an increase in protein intake due to the dramatic cuts in the share of carbohydrates. The efficiency of this method is based on the fact that fats are digested longer than carbohydrates – they provide a full saturation, so prevent bouts of hunger. The abundance of protein foods causes the development of ketosis, and ketone substances are known to accelerate the burning of body fat.

Harm diet

it is Hardly necessary to recall that the abundance of fat negatively affects the state of the cardiovascular system. Prolonged increase in the concentration of ketones increases the level of urea, which causes of kidney stones. When the excretion of ketones from the body there is an active excretion of sodium and potassium it can cause dehydration and arrhythmia.

The pros of the diet

the Protein Atkins diet is very effective in weight loss plan — this fact is confirmed by numerous reviews. Plus diet is the absence of hunger at the time of her passing. The result is a stable diet is still the weight does not return. The diet is divided into phases, which is also an argument in its favor.

Stage 1 (induction phase)

This stage takes 2 weeks. During the day need to make 3-5 meals. Between them should not take more than 6 hours. The average daily norm of protein – 20 g. excluded From the diet drinks, which contain caffeine and sweeteners. Under the ban gets starchy foods (pasta, potatoes, seeds, nuts, etc.). The rate of fluid – 8 article a day (you can drink more). If protein foods cause constipation, increase your intake of dietary fiber. The basis of the diet is protein (fish and meat of all varieties, seafood, cheeses of any fat content, eggs). It is permissible to eat 2-3 cups of vegetable salads. Use non-starchy vegetables – lettuce, alfalfa, cucumbers etc are Also allowable vegetables contain some amount of carbohydrates such as celery, beet tops, eggplant, pumpkin, Kale, etc. as seasonings you can use herbs (dill, Basil), vegetables with a sharp taste (garlic, hot pepper, ginger). For salads it is recommended to use vegetable oil, vinegar of various types, the juice of a lemon.

Stage 2 (phase stable weight loss)

In this step, you continue to control the intake of carbohydrates, but their rate is gradually increased (approximately 5 g per week) due to the introduction in the diet with wholesome carbohydrate food. This process can continue until, until the rate of weight loss will be about 500 g per week. Phase ends at the moment when the optimal weights will remain 3-5 kg.

What can you eat at this stage? The diet of the previous phase has been complemented by some fruit and vegetables — red sweet peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries. You can enter in the diet of a small amount of nuts and seeds. OK to use lemon and tomato juice (0.5 tbsp. a day).

Phase 3 (the stabilization phase)

At this point, low carbohydrate Atkins diet continues to lose weight, but at a very slow pace. The rate of carbohydrates you need to increase not more than 10 g per week. If the weight will start to increase, it will be necessary to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to its former level. At this stage, slightly increases the consumption of nuts and seeds as well as starchy vegetables and fruits (in small amounts you can eat potatoes, carrots, peas, beets, melon, grapefruit, apples, peaches, plums, bananas, etc.). It is permissible to eat porridge made from oats or rice. Allowed white bread (1 slice per day). The duration of this stage an individual (to achieve the desired weight).

Stage # 4 (phase maintenance)

At this stage, the Atkins diet allows you to eat quite diverse. You need to adhere to individual standards of carbohydrates calculated in the previous stage. Atkins advises exercise, take dietary supplements, minerals and vitamins, and also encourages you to control your food habits. Weight fluctuations are allowed, but they must not exceed 3 kg (with weight gain will have to return to the previous stage, and decreasing to increase the rate of carbohydrates).


Dr. Atkins Diet causes a lot of positive reviews weight – loss occurs gradually, but steadily. The achieved result to hold is not a problem.