American diet Slender

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American diet Slender bright trend in recent years. What is this method of weight loss? We will reveal to you her secret.

The authors method of weight loss

Diet, but rather, weight loss program Slender (Slender) developed by two American companies: IT-in Corporation and the Center for restoration of ideal weight.

The technique

the basis of the diet (weight loss programs) Slender is the influence on the subconscious with the help of 25-th frame. As you know, consciousness acquires 24 frames, and the 25-th frame, carrying of motivational text, "leaves" in the subconscious.

Over time, our subconscious creates the motives, forcing to give up bad eating habits from eating late meals, high-calorie snacking, eating sweets and junk food. A new way of thinking gradually becomes a habit.

How to use the program for weight loss?

the Slender Program is installed on computer – after activation, it is embedded in the video and starts to work on the subconscious. Only need to spend some time at the computer, minding my business.

What distinguishes the technique from other Slender?

In fact, the Slender is only one of the variations of the famous program "25-th frame", which was invented in the 60-ies of the last century. There are other programs on this basis: a Slimmer, Slimming, Slim, Quattro, etc. Their names are different, since they display the trademark, but otherwise they are similar (I can change only used in working with the subconscious installation).

you can Purchase the program at different sites – the developers sold the rights to the adaptation and spread of a number of companies. Linked to this is the variation in price – some companies sell the product cheaper and some more expensive. Also, the price of the program can influence the program version.

Some of the nuances

Many people are interested in: are there male and female version of Slender? Manufacturers claim no difference can not be – install are the same.

the Various sites implementing the program can certainly be targeted at male of female audience, it is also occasionally used some of the elements in the design of the disc – the content is not affected.

What is the difference between version diet Slender? The answer is obvious: they use different images, motivational installation, slogans. Also changing the sequence of the demonstration.

is it Possible to lose weight only due to the methodology of the Slender? According to manufactures, the impact of the program on the subconscious of different people may differ significantly.

Some people quickly and consistently lose weight, while others need to connect other methods: deliberate restriction of food, sports. There are people who do not note any impact the appetite is not reduced, the weight remains on the same level.

by the Way, in the latter case, the user can reject the goods and get your money back (at least, such possibility is provided). As practice shows, the Slender diet, not supplemented by additional measures, carries the weight relatively slowly.


Another question occurs: does this method of confirmation? Consensus still does not exist. Much depends on the perception of a person's negative mood completely neutralizes the effect of the program (again, on a subconscious level).

American diet Slender – a controversial method of weight loss. Its effectiveness depends entirely on the mood of the person acquiring it. So is it worth to shell out money for something that can be achieved completely independently?