Diet Christina Aguilera

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Slim shape Christina Aguilera, not undergone visible changes even after the birth of children cause lasting and justified envy. Indeed, how not to envy the person who is not experiencing difficulties with maintaining your weight? In fact, even this graceful star of stage from time to time resorted to the diet.

Option # 1

Suggesting a role in the film "Love-carrot", the Director did not hesitate to give Christine a recommendation, at first glance, rather strange – he asked her to lose weight. With the Director not argue – the truth is known even the most eminent actors. Christina resorted to the so-called Tibetan diet – she helped the star to lose weight fast (lose weight in the actual absence of excess – it is not easy). The basis of this diet are special drugs that provoke withdrawal from the body of excess fluid and toxins, and stimulate the fat burning process. It is worth remembering that this diet requires constant medical monitoring, because effective drugs for weight loss can not boast of absolute security.

Option # 2

Kristina Orbakaite periodically resorted to the diet, which is based on eating only green vegetables. Throughout the day should eat 3-5 servings of this useful plant foods. You can drink herbal infusions, green tea and water. The duration of this technique leaves 5 days. During this time, you can usually lose 3-4 kg.

Nutritionists confirm the special role of vegetables in human nutrition – including them in the diet can produce a marked cleansing the body of excess fluid, as well as from decay products. Chemical composition of green vegetables improves metabolism and normalizes digestion. Due to the low calorie, diet green diet promotes rapid weight loss.

Christina Aguilera and sport

According to the singer, during a concert activities she absolutely does not need a sports energy take dancing and singing. But after returning home, Christine never misses an opportunity to go to the gym, do yoga and pamper your body SPA-procedures.

it is likely that the diet of Kristina Orbakaite is absolutely not necessary – the singer puts his full potential on stage. Judging by the fact that the popularity of the heroine of our article is not going to go, the problem of excess weight it still has a long face will not.