Diet Eva Mendes

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Eva Mendes made the right decision, throwing training at the University and preferring acting career. Today it is known and in demand, and therefore, can choose only the most worthy of the role. Like many celebrities, the heroine of our article is concerned with own appearance – diet Eva Mendes is on the minds of fans of this beautiful woman. Well, what it is, you will learn from our today's article.

Diet diet by Eva Mendes

At the time, the diet of eve was far from perfect – her parents, immigrants from Cuba, prefer high-calorie meals, and the table is not translated white bread. Fortunately, serious excess weight our heroine never has been – apparently, she just isn't prone to obesity. However, age takes its toll – over time the actress still had to revise their dietary habits. Today Eva has completely abandoned white bread and high-calorie fast food. She offers a hand in creating diet "masterpieces" in the kitchen.

to get a boost of energy for Breakfast Eva's making croutons. She's frying in a small amount of vegetable oil slices diet bread, dipping them in whipped with cinnamon protein. Ready actress croutons flavored with a small amount of syrup or jam with fructose. Adding to the diet fresh berries, eve fully provides your body with useful elements.

Lunch and dinner actress usually include a side salad and lean cereal (for dinner eve often preparing brown rice – this product cleanses the body, and at the same time nourishes it with the necessary useful elements). Addition to lunch is the steak cooked the fish.

as snacking Eva uses a delicious low-calorie cereal – they beat off the appetite, but it does not lead to the appearance of extra pounds (in contrast to chips, favorite previously our heroine).

Physical activity in the life of Eva Mendez

Over time, eve came to understand – without exercise it is impossible to maintain good form. Our heroine asked for advice from his girlfriend Halle berry. It is the "cat woman" brought the star with popular Hollywood trainer — Harley Pasternak. Specifically for eve, he has developed a training program, which involves a constant change of different types of loads. Special displeasure of eve has aroused the need of Jogging and other cardio, but the inexorable coach forced our heroine every exercise to start with the treadmill.

Like many Actresses, Eva Mendes arbitrary decision forced myself to reconsider your diet and way of life. Today, the woman is considered to be one of the most attractive representatives of the actor's Guild.