Diet for 35 days

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The main recommendations of the diet

• you can Drink non-carbonated water (mineral, table), preferably warmed to body temperature
• Total volume of liquid – 1.5 l (not more and not less)
• If in the dieting process there was a breakdown, you should not get upset – it can be complete
• When an irresistible urge to eat a slice of chocolate or slice of cake – allow yourself that, but only once and only in the morning (before 12.00)
• Dinner should finish before 19.00
• Potato can be consumed only in specified days, the rest of the time he is completely contraindicated
• In anticipation of the diet to have dinner no later than 16.00
• For efficiency it is recommended to use anti-cellulite cream – it should be rubbed twice a day for 20 days, once a day for the next 10 years and a day or 30 days
• the days diet which is not painted, the menu is self-dispatch for 4-5 servings

The diet of the diet for 35 days

the First, second and third day
• After you Wake up: water with lemon juice 150 ml and 1 tbsp of honey
• Breakfast (15 minutes): unsweetened tea or coffee
• Lunch: boiled chicken without skin 150 g and raw vegetables – 350 g
• Dinner: boiled sprouts along with the broth (200 g of cabbage 300 g of water)

the Fourth and seventh days
• low-fat cottage cheese – 500 g low-fat yogurt – 500 ml

the Fifth day
• jacket Potatoes – 5 PCs. and low-fat yogurt – 500 ml

the Sixth day
• Boiled chicken – 500 g low-fat yogurt – 500 ml

the Eighth day
• sour Cream (fat product should not exceed 15%) – 500 g low-fat yogurt – 500 ml

the Ninth day
• Any number of dried fruits (raisins from better to refuse) and low-fat yogurt – 500 ml

the Tenth day
• Water – 1 liter and low-fat yogurt – 1.5 l

Eleventh and twenty first days
• Mineral water – 1.5 l

• Breakfast: unsweetened tea
• Lunch (12.00): hard cheese – 50 g or low-fat cottage cheese – 100 g
• Snack: cottage cheese or yogurt (a little bit)
• Dinner: boiled chicken without skin – 100g raw vegetables, 200-300 g

the Thirteenth and fourteenth days
• Breakfast: unsweetened tea (coffee) and cheese – 100 g
• Lunch: boiled chicken fillet (alternatively, fish or lean meat) – 150 g and an egg, hard-boiled and cheese – 30 g
• Dinner: vegetable salad with lemon juice 200 g of boiled meat
• overnight: decoction, prepared from 1 tbsp of mint and 250 ml of boiling water.

the Fifteenth day
• low-fat cottage cheese – 300 g milk – 1 liter

the Sixteenth day
• a Cup of coffee without sugar, and baked potatoes – 400 g milk — 500 g

the Seventeenth day
• low-fat cottage cheese – 400 g milk — 500 g

Eighteen twenty-second day
• Fruit (except bananas and grapes) – 400 g milk — 500 g

the Nineteenth day
• Boiled chicken without skin and low-fat yogurt — 500 g

the Twenty-third day
• Breakfast: coffee without sugar
• Lunch: boiled eggs – 2 PCs., and stew in vegetable oil sauerkraut and tomato juice
• Dinner: steamed fish

the Twenty-fourth and thirty-fifth days
• Breakfast: unsweetened coffee and a biscuit
• Lunch: boiled fish and cabbage salad
• Dinner: lean beef, boiled – 200 g milk – 250 ml

the Twenty-fifth and thirty-fourth days
• Breakfast: unsweetened coffee and a biscuit
• Lunch: zucchini, fried in vegetable oil and green apples
• Dinner: boiled beef – 200 g, boiled eggs – 2 pieces and coleslaw

the Twenty-sixth and thirty-third day
• Breakfast: unsweetened coffee
• Dinner: egg (raw) and boiled carrots – 3 PCs. (it is possible to RUB and fill with vegetable oil) and a slice of cheese – 15g
• Dinner: any fruit

the Twenty-seventh and thirty-second days.
• Breakfast: carrots with lemon juice
• Lunch: boiled or fried in vegetable oil fish and tomato juice
• Dinner: any fruit

Twenty-eighth and thirty-first days
• Breakfast: unsweetened coffee
• Lunch: boiled chicken fillet without skin – 500 g cabbage salad
• Dinner: boiled eggs – 2 PCs and carrot salad with a dressing of lemon juice and vegetable oil

the Twenty-ninth and thirtieth days
• Breakfast: unsweetened tea
• Dinner: boiled beef – 200 g and fruit
• Dinner: menu of any of the days (from 23 to 28, in addition to 25th)

the Diet for 35 days affects the metabolic processes in the body that helps and after to maintain the achieved result (the weight loss is 10 kg or more, depending on initial weight). But this would work only if you have enough strength to withstand this serious challenge to the end.