Diet geisha

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Preparation for diet geisha

This method of weight loss is more than a simple menu so you don't hurt to prepare for this test. To drastic cuts in calories for the body a shock is recommended before several to moderate the appetite. During the day preceding the diet, you need to eat vegetable soup, and a salad dressed with lemon juice and a small amount of vegetable oil. It is permissible to enter into the diet portion lean cereal from brown rice. It is highly desirable to limit the salt intake, but the fluid should be plenty. The same menu will have to settle for a few days after the diet.

The performance and duration of the diet geisha

This method of weight loss lasts only 5 days, weight loss during this time can reach 4 to 7 kg Repeat diet allowed after 7-14 days, but it is better to make a longer break (a month or more). Throughout the diet you will have to do without salt and sugar.

What is the diet?

a Very important role in the diet plays

brown rice

. It is the fiber, and the vitamins (group b and E) and minerals (here we should mention phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc and magnesium). This product is good fills, but does not lead to the formation of fat reserves.

the Diet allows you to excrete excess fluid, clean the intestines of stool, and at the same time to melt some excess fat. It is worth remembering that for the most part gone weight – this is unnecessary body of harmful accumulation.

Diet diet geisha

• Breakfast: green tea with low-fat milk (1:1) – 500 ml
• lunch: a serving of brown rice, and low-fat milk, warm 250 ml
• Dinner: serving of brown rice, and green tea with low-fat milk (1:1) – 250 ml

in Addition to the tea you can drink only non-carbonated dining room or mineral water.

a Diet geisha is seen as a method of cleansing the body – it can help you a new feel your body, your performance will increase, and shattered nerves will once again be at peace. However, do not exceed the recommended time, otherwise the result can be very disappointing.