Diet for blood group positive 3

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Diet for blood group positive 3 – what advice does it contain? What foods are beneficial and which – is to refuse? Our article will tell you about it.

Helpful information

the Third group of blood of positive and negative (a-type) flows in the veins of travellers. This group includes about twenty percent of the population.

"Nomads" are considered to be balanced, flexible, psychologically and creative personalities. This type originated at a time when people refused sedentary lifestyle and began to migrate.

the Strengths of "nomads" can be considered a strong immune system, the ability to easily adapt to changes in environmental conditions and nutrition, a balanced nervous system.

As a rule, congenital weaknesses "nomads" are deprived, but the result of poor lifestyle and disorders of the diet, they may develop problems such as:
— autoimmune disease;
— the instability of a virus;
— chronic fatigue syndrome;
— diabetes of the first type;
multiple sclerosis.

Recommendations on diet for blood group positive 3

"Nomads" can without harm for themselves to include in the diet are quite diverse food, evolution has given them a strong digestive system.

the Most useful products for "nomads" are:
• Yogurt and yogurt
• Lamb
• Venison
• Doing
• lamb
• Salmon
• Olive oil
• Rice
• Spelt
• Ginger
• Hips
• Parsley
• Pineapple
• Green tea
• cranberry Juice
• Grapes
• Carrots
• Papaya
• Bananas

Relatively useful "nomads":
• Herring
• Flaxseed oil
• butter
• Cream cheese
• Walnuts
• Bread made from soy flour
• beans
• Watermelon
• Apple
• Cranberry
• cherry
• Blueberry
• Strawberry
• Grapefruit, orange and apricot juice
• Water with lemon juice
• a Tea made from strawberry leaves
• Beer
• Coffee

the above products can be introduced into the diet, but not often.

do Not benefit and enhance the weight of following products:
• Corn
• Shrimp
• Grenades
• Persimmon
• Salmon
• Ketchup
• Almond extract
• Tapioca
• Cinnamon
• Ice cream
• Drinks soda
• Duck
• Pumpkin
• Cheese (cream and blue)
• Buckwheat
• Nuts
• Rye bread
• wheat Bread
• Jerusalem Artichoke
• Avocados
• Tomato juice

In the body of the "nomads" of the above products inhibit the secretion of insulin and reduce the efficiency of metabolic processes. If you are constantly using them, you will eventually develop symptoms such as chronic fatigue, swelling, hypoglycaemia.

Please note, the body "nomads" bad perceives gluten wheat (this element lowers the metabolism). This is especially true, if you combine wheat with lentils, corn, buckwheat, peanuts.

it is Also increase weight contribute sweets and fatty foods. Watching her figure, will have to seriously limit their consumption.

to Improve metabolic rate people with 3 groups positive can eating the following food and drink items
• Tea and tincture of licorice
• Egg
• Lean meats
• Green vegetables
• sesame Seeds
• Liver
• lettuce and greens
• soy Products

a sudden drop of blood sugar can cause:
• groundnuts (peanuts)
• Beans

Your daily menu "nomads" can be, according to their own tastes and preferences, not forgetting that you need to eat fractionally (4-6 times a day). We recommend that you drink a lot (a priority for the water, but it is acceptable and healthy drinks: juices, teas).

Additional recommendations

To diet for blood group positive 3 not only contributed to the maintenance of health but also slimming, travellers need to pay attention to sports loads. Useful physical exercises that combine mental and physical balance (walking, tennis, swimming, bike, yoga).

Very useful to do Chinese tai Chi. It allows the consciousness to make contact with the body: the performance of the movements, in some measure reminiscent of the dance requires the highest concentration.

During a diet, it is recommended to pay attention to vitamin-mineral complexes and food additives (in the priority drugs of magnesium as well as lecithin, Echinacea, bromelain, digestive enzymes).


Diet for blood group a perceive skeptically. To some extent this is correct – the body of each of us individually. In addition to the natural changes of evolution, it is necessary to consider hereditary factors – from our ancestors we get not only the appearance, but also certain internal problems (not all "nomads" can boast of a strong digestive system).

In General, all strictly individually — it is evidenced by the reviews (someone diet helps, and someone – no).