Drinking diet

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Drinking diet

you can Drink almost anything to drink, but to eat any solid food is prohibited. The technique eliminates the use of sugar and its substitutes, it is also desirable to abandon the salt (small amount it can still be used in the preparation of broth). What liquid are allowed to drink? First of all, this water – daily supposed to drink 1.5 liters of life-giving water (carbonated water to consume is contraindicated). Also welcome vegetable broths, fish or meat broth (they should drain). The fat content of fermented milk drinks should not exceed 1.5-2%. It is useful to eat self-cooked and diluted with water juices. Welcome any teas without artificial flavors. Can be added to tea, milk or lemon slice. Valid fruit and berry compote (without sugar). You can cook a thick jelly. Can't drink any alcohol, purchased juices, milk drinks, high-fat, not fat-free soups. Prolonged drinking diet liquid allowed to cook soups based on vegetables (fats cannot be added). An important rule is that the fluid should be drinking often, but little by little – otherwise it will not be able to perform its cleansing function. Just before bedtime should not drink in the morning swelling may appear.

the First days of the diet difficult to sustain, but then the feeling of hunger blunted. Mode hungry can lead to poor mental attitude, as well as weakness, dizziness and even to fainting States. During the passage diet can't do sports and heavy physical labor. Get ready because you will be hard to absorb new information.

Drinking diet 7 days

Drinking diet designed for 7 days cleanses the body of toxins and allows you to lose 4-7 kg excess weight (though mainly due to the excretion of excess fluid). Within one day you can drink different drinks, but more effective is the distribution days. For example, on Monday you will only drink milk drinks low fat, Tuesday – vegetable and meat broths, and soups based on them, Wednesday – diluted juices. On Thursday comes the turn of different teas with lemon or milk, on Friday I will have to drink the jelly without sugar. Saturday diet will be based oatmeal pudding and Sunday fruit and berry herbal teas. Needless to say, the daily portion of water to cancel is not worth it.

Shoko drinking diet

Shoko drinking diet – a combined method of weight loss, which is based on just 2 diet – chocolate and drinking. For reference: the chocolate diet prescribes to eat 150 g of dark chocolate (that's about equal to 800 calories) and drink dainty black coffee. Drinking chocolate diet takes us on consumption of cocoa. 200 ml cocoa with low-fat milk provides about 135 calories (meaning you can drink 6-7 cups of the drink). The sugar in the cocoa to add is contraindicated. We should not forget about the water (supposed to drink 1-1.5 liters of non-carbonated liquid per day). The program duration is 3-7 days, weight loss 1 week – 4-5 kg.

Hard drinking diet

Drinking diet for 30 days is considered the most hard, but most effective option. The essence of this diet remains the same – you can drink almost anything to drink. Sugar cannot be used. By increasing the duration of the diet varies its effectiveness in terms of cleansing the body. The first third of the diet cleanses the hollow organs (lungs, stomach, etc.), the second third is dense organs (liver, kidneys), and the last part of cell structure. Weight loss 30 days – 10-12 kg.

The output of drinking diet

After drinking the diet should gradually return to the work of the digestive system in the usual mode. Ideally, for each day of the diet should account for 2 days "recovery". The range of products gradually increase. The first return to menu vegetables and fruits (pre – mashed). Next, add in the diet cereals (first cook them semi-liquid). Gradually add in foods fat (oil and butter). Next comes the turn of protein products (again, at first, cook meals from the meat, so as not to overload the digestive organs). Long to eat pureed food or stomach permanently "lazy" — as soon as you feel that the solid food does not bear a stone in the stomach, go to normal consistency foods. Sugar, start adding in drinks no earlier than 2 weeks after the diet. Because during the diet the stomach will decrease slightly in volume, you will only need small portions of food, but don't forget that you need to eat frequently.


Drinking diet is contraindicated in the propensity to edema, and in violation of the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system. You cannot use it during pregnancy and lactation.


Hard drinking diet can be used but not all. Practice shows that during its passage it is necessary to take vitamin-mineral complex (otherwise, the health will worsen).