The Czechoslovak diet

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the Merits of this technique of weight loss is almost none. The only advantage is a relatively quick getting rid of some excess weight. Unfortunately, the result is almost impossible to keep.


the diet of the Diet is very scarce. Low calories causes the body to experience serious stress, and the lack of fatty acids leads to undesirable consequences (disrupted normal functioning of internal organs, the deteriorating condition of the skin). And don't forget: due to lack of energy supply, our body inevitably have to go into saving mode – the fatty tissue is left on the "rainy day", but the muscle tissue is actively spent. Do not save even the existence of protein products too scanty number of them.

Duration and effectiveness

the Duration of this method of weight loss should not exceed 10 days. The gap between "sets" — 15 or more days. Weight loss of 4-6 kg.

The diet of the Czechoslovak diet

• Breakfast: a couple of crackers and a Cup of organic coffee with 1 tsp sugar
• lunch: a couple of crackers, tomatoes – 4 PCs. eggs, hard-boiled – 2 PCs.
• Dinner: slice of rye bread, tomato, low-fat hard cheese – 50 grams and a Cup of green or herbal tea with 1 tsp sugar

throughout the day you can drink non-carbonated mineral or table water. Also recommended taking multivitamin complex.

Out of the diet

After completing the diet you will have to limit the intake of simple carbohydrates and fatty foods. Of great importance in this period are dairy products and lean meat – they must be present in the diet. Do not forget about the fish, and will not preclude the use of fatty its varieties. Fried fish is not recommended – it can be broiled, steamed, baked in foil. Addition to the diet should be plant foods.

whether to use the Czechoslovak diet to get rid of excess weight? Nutritionists and physicians are unlikely to respond to this question positively. In this case, the risk is incomparable with the result.