Diet for quit Smoking

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Increase body mass without a cigarette – myth or reality?

In fact, "horror stories", telling about the inevitable emergence of serious excess weight is a myth – the average body mass increases by 2-4 kg for the year and only a small percentage of smokers gaining 9 kg or more. In fairness it should be noted that a similar-sized group of people not gaining and losing weight.

Why ex-smokers gain weight?

a Small weight gain due to the recovery of the gastrointestinal tract (smokers function of the stomach is disturbed). As a result of the normalization processes of digestion, food is fully digested, which causes the appearance of a surplus (as mentioned, it is usually no more than 2-4 kg per year). But the serious increase of weight is due to substitution of cigarettes of different Goodies and sweets.

Important recommendations

not to gain weight after a breakup with a cigarette should heed the following important recommendations:
— it is impossible to substitute the cigarette with food to distract from one's habits will help and more useful methods (sports, Hobbies, socializing with friends);
— if you are pursuing so-called psychological hunger, not break yourself, refusing food, and just allow yourself to eat something low-calorie (raw carrots, green Apple, lettuce, etc.);
— immediately after breaking up with a bad habit will not interfere for a while to give up alcohol, confectionery, smoked meats and pickles (limit subject and meat products);
— to prevent overeating can help fraction diet that includes 5-7 meals;
— the basis of the diet after quitting cigarettes should be plant foods, including carotene and vitamin C – this will clean the body from the effects of Smoking and will not recover;
— it is very important every day drink plenty of unsweetened fluids (particularly welcome expectorant herbal infusions) – up to 2.5 liters per day.

A sample diet

• the First Breakfast: vegetable porridge with added nonfat milk and fresh berries or fruit (as a variant, soaked in water dried fruit) and savory broth hips
• lunch: any vegetable or fruit rich in carotene and vitamin C, as well as branny bread or toast out of it
• Snack: a vegetable or fruit juice without any additives (alternatively, fresh vegetable or fruit)
• Dinner: grilled lean meat and vegetable soup with greens and vegetable salad (it can include cucumbers, Kale, spinach, carrots) and unsweetened fruit juice
• Snack: figs (not more than 3 pieces), carrot and bell pepper (preferably green)
• Dinner: boiled or grilled fish (portion should not exceed 250 g) and asparagus – 150 g and Apple-orange juice
• overnight: 1 % kefir – 250 ml

you'll be Fine after getting rid of bad habits or your figure will remain the same — everything depends on the correct approach to nutrition. Diet for quit Smoking will allow you to save not only the figure, but also health.