Diet Kate Winslet

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A diet from a professional naturopath

Kate is not a supporter of tough methods of weight loss, but the advice of professionals she listens with pleasure. Finding that reflection in the mirror any more does not suit her, the actress turned for help to the well-known in London a lady Elizabeth grey naturopath Gibaud. It is worth Recalling that naturopathy is the science that uses in the name of healing from various ailments only natural remedies and powers of the body. Elizabeth gray devoted himself to the study of naturopathy for 30 years and has achieved notable success – only one skin color, it is able to determine what the obstacles are to get healthy or lose weight. In the case of Kate, the main problem was a shortage of minerals and water. Our heroine was invited to the diet, sitting where it was possible to eat any food, but in a certain sequence and in a limited number. The result of such a sparing diet Kate Winslet got rid of 20 kg, however it took a long 10 months.

Diet diet Kate Winslet

Beginning diet put detoxification of the body – this actress has had 2 weeks to eat raw vegetables. In a liquid diet during this period consisted of water – 1.5 l and herbal tea – 500 ml.

after cleaning the body Kate moved to more full-fledged menu:
• Breakfast: brewed with boiling water oatmeal without butter and natural fruit or vegetable juice
• Lunch: large portion of steamed (as an option, boiled or fresh) vegetables
• Afternoon tea: tea or any fruit fresh
• Dinner: lean meat (it can be boiled or grill) and baked potato without adding oil.

the Addition to the diet is vitamin-mineral complex (special attention should be paid to the b vitamins).

Sport in the life of Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has not paid attention to the sport. The actress fell in love with Pilates classes – they are perfectly toned muscles. In addition, the heroine of our article, decided to go Jogging – this type of exercise "dries" the body and has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.

In solving the problem of excess weight is extremely important to follow competent recommendations – this is what can lead to success. Listening to the advice of naturopath, Kate once again regained its beauty and attractiveness.