Mono-diet 6 petals

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Information about diet

the mono-diet, called 6 petals, developed by a nutritionist from Sweden Anna Johansson. This technique allows you to lose up to 6 kg in 6 days (often the result is slightly inferior to the claimed figure – it depends on initial performance). Plus diet is not just a quick loss of adipose tissue, but also the ability to cleanse the body of toxins. The secret of the effectiveness of this technique is proper combination of food elements – here the protein combined with carbohydrates. With this approach, the weight does not freeze at the same level and gradually decreases (the body uses up glycogen stores, and then restores them).

What is different diet Johansson from such techniques? The author of this eating plan is suggested to visualize each stage of weight loss – just cut out 6 petals, write on each menu day and hang in a prominent place (like the fridge). It now only remains mercilessly to leave the petals as you progress through the stages. This approach deprives the boring monotony of the diet – losing weight the person sees their progress and are unlikely to want to break the diet for a step to success. Important point: the diet can be used not more often than 1 time in 4-6 months.

Schedule mono six petals

What combination of foods in diet? The author proposes the following scheme:
• Day # 1 (protein): fish — 300-500 g
• Day # 2 (carbs) - vegetables – 1.5 kg
• Day # 3 (protein): chicken meat – 500 g
• Day # 4 (carbohydrates): cereals 200 g
• Day # 5 (protein): cheese – 500 g
• Day # 6 (carbohydrates): fruit – 1.5 kg

Detailed recommendations op diet

Fish mono-diet

In this day to eat any fish can be boiled, steamed, stewed, baked. Grade fish doesn't matter. At this stage starts the fat burning process. Liquid diet this includes unsweetened green tea and water without gas.

Vegetable mono-diet

this day the basis of the diet are vegetables (preferably non-starchy). It is recommended to enrich the menu of natural spices and herbs (the herbs helps cleanse the intestines). Vegetables recommended to eat fresh, but heat treatment is still not eliminated: they can be steamed, boil in water, simmer, bake. Liquid diet include water, green tea without sugar, vegetable juices.

Chicken mono-diet

This day is dedicated to chicken without skin. The meat can be boiled, steamed, stew. Lest constipation, in the diet it is recommended to add greenery. To improve the taste, you can use spices. We encourage you to drink water and green tea without sugar.

Cereal mono-diet

this day will have to eat cereal, cooked in water, and grains bread, sprouted grain, seeds, bran. Drink, as in previous days worth of water and green tea.

Cheese mono-diet

throughout the day you need to eat cheese. You can drink water, kefir, milk and green tea.

Fruit mono-diet

this day is supposed to eat fruit (raw, roasted). As spices are supposed to use cinnamon, lemon zest, vanilla. Liquid diet includes fruit juices, water, tea.

The right end of the mono

to save the result, you should properly complete the diet. For this you need to gradually increase the caloric intake by adding every day 100 kcal. Will have to start at 1300 calories. In the diet should not be baking, sweets, pickles, smoked meat, refractory animal fats, fast food.


This method of weight loss is contraindicated in:
— in case of individual intolerance of the components of the menu;
— at pathologies of gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver;
— during pregnancy and lactation;
— at a young age.

it is Worth remembering that diet cannot begin at a time when the immune system is weakened (for example, after the recent flu).


Judging by the reviews, the mono-diet 6 petals provides a stable result – weight is not returned to the previous level.