Diet for bowel

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In the diet needs to be natural vegetables and fruit is highly undesirable to use products, processed. It is useful to eat all kinds of herbs, nuts, sprouted seeds. Cleansing diet must include non-carbonated water as well as fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

it is Desirable, at least during purification to abandon the addictions of alcohol, Smoking, excessive caffeine hinder the process of liberation of the intestine. It is undesirable to use during this period, spicy seasonings, animal fats.

to Eat regularly, required complete rest. The normalization of the bowel contribute to physical activity.

typically, cleaning takes a long period of time – 1-2 days, it is impossible to completely release the intestine of stagnated fecal material. The purification scheme includes both fasting and enemas. After complete purification will be sufficient to support the result, carrying out unloading once a week.

Diet for bowel

There are many diets aimed at cleansing the bowel. We offer to your attention a couple of options.

The optimal diet for 10 days

• Breakfast: cheese, fruit salad and berries and herbal tea
• lunch: mixed nuts
• Lunch: baked with vegetables fish fillet, lettuce with balsamic vinegar and olive oil
• Afternoon tea: herbal tea and fruit
• Dinner: salad and yogurt

For the preparation of herbal teas is recommended to use any laxative the intestine of grass. Follow this menu can be quite long, but not more than 10 days.

Short-term cleansing diet for your colon

This diet is to devote 1-3 days.

• in the Morning, on an empty stomach 250 ml green or herbal tea
• 8.00: green Apple and a glass of tea bread
• 9.00: 100 ml tea of bread and grape juice and 100 g of grapes
• 10.00: 500 ml green or herbal tea without sugar
• 11.00: about 100 g of grapes and 100 ml carrot juice and tea bread
• 12.00: about 100 g of grapes and 200 ml of grape juice
• 15.00: 500 ml of herbal or green tea without sugar
• 16.00: 100 ml carrot juice and tea bread
• 17.00: 250 ml water
• 18.00: green bell pepper – 2 PCs.
• 19.00: 100 ml of Apple juice and tea bread
• Shortly before bedtime: 250 ml of unsweetened herbal or green tea

For the preparation of bread of tea pour boiling water 200 grams of black bread and leave for 12 hours. After that, strain the drink and place in refrigerator.


Diet for colon cleanse and weight loss includes a lot of fiber – this substance stimulates peristalsis. Adding rational nutrition plan exercises and cleansing enemas, you significantly improve the condition.