Diet Eva Pol'na

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Eva Polna – another outstanding representative of the flamboyant community of our stars. The soloist of group "visitors from the future", and in combination – double-Mama continues to fight for the perfect figure. Is there a diet Eva Pol'na, or in the struggle with excess weight, the star prefers to use exercise? You can learn the answer to this question.

The birth of children and weight

the birth of beloved daughters brought eve almost inevitable "side effect" of some excess weight. However, the heroine of our article, do not desire to push my body to model parameters — according to eve, it is at least silly. For her the ideal is a trim figure with good muscle tone but not devoid of feminine curves. To this purpose is the singer and it should be noted, progress is being made in this direction.

Dancing in the fight for the perfect figure

Eva was accidentally introduced to the world of dance decided to send their daughters to dance class, she found that led classes world-famous ballerina Ilze Liepa. The most attractive was the fact that the school dances were the adult group. Unable to cope with the curiosity Entirely hastened to enroll and began to actively attend classes. As it turned out, dancing under the guidance of a strict teacher provide a stunning effect – the extra weight is melting before our eyes. Assists in the special program, developed by the dancer – it combines ballet exercises, special exercises, designed to maintain the form of professional dancers and Pilates. Eve attends classes, each of which lasts 2-3 hours, at least 4 times a week and has absolutely no regrets about the taken at the time of the decision.

And whether diet Eva Pol'na?

the very eve says that about any diet and not think is a way of life that simply does not contribute to, and to exhaust the body, losing precious health, it is not going. But the dietary guidelines recommended by the famous Elena Malysheva, our heroine considers not superfluous to listen. This diet involves a fractional power, the right mental attitude, as well as limiting consumption of salt, simple carbohydrates and fats.

the Best motivation for weight loss, the singer considers buying chic attire, wearing which is impossible to hide figure flaws. Wanting to Shine in a beautiful dress, inevitably will have to shape up. In achieving the same goal, according to eve, without self-discipline and a strong will is indispensable.

Eva Polna uses in the fight against excess weight only the proper techniques – it has adopted a balanced diet and sports. We are with you it will not hurt to listen to these stellar recommendations.