Diet Jennifer Aniston

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At the time, the popular American actress has had to work hard over the correction to your figures – "the doughnut" aniston has not offered serious roles. Diet Jennifer aniston ensured a good result today slim beauty starred in television series and movies, tries himself as a Director and producer.

Diet exceptions

This technique involves a rejection of the products of white color, having in its composition of simple carbohydrates. Fall under the ban sugar, wheat flour, polished rice, pasta. Aniston offers to find them a useful alternative: you can eat brown rice, buckwheat noodles, cakes made of dark flour, etc. Diet allows you to eat well – the diet should contain lean protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates. You can drink water, fruit drinks, juices, teas. This simple diet allows you to lose 2-4 kg of excess weight, one does not feel in any way slighted. Aniston recommends Supplement diet exercise is to correct shape will help the morning run and yoga.

A strict diet

This diet clearly distributes the share of nutrients. The diet combines 30% protein and vegetable fat and 40% complex carbohydrates. Fall out of favor fast carbs, alcohol, animal fats (some proportion of them supplied with meat and dairy products, so deleting it is not). The diet consists of 3 meals. Throughout the day you need to drink about 2 litres of unsweetened beverages. Between meals allowed to treat yourself to a small amount of dried apricots, raisins or nuts.

in the Morning you can eat 3 tbsp of low fat cottage cheese with fruit pieces (Apple, kiwi, orange) or a sandwich consisting of 30 g of whole-wheat bread, 50 g low-fat cheese and 100 g of boiled chicken fillet. Lunch consists of portions of precast salad and some fish (150 g) or cooked white beans (150 g) and lean meat (100 g). In the evening it is permissible to drink a Cup of vegetable broth and eat 100 grams of protein foods (meat, fish). If such a diet are not satisfied, you can replace it with a serving of brown rice, piece of fish (100-150 g) and leaf lettuce. 1 week of this diet manage to lose 3-4 kg.

Children's diet

This diet is based on foods used in baby food: vegetables, fruit, lean meat. Baby purees in a large assortment on the shelves. Diet means the combined food – mashed potatoes and baby curds for Breakfast and dinner, solid dietary food for lunch.

Sample menu

Morning: vegetable and fruit baby puree in jars (3 piece/1 unit)
Snack: 50 g children
Lunch: chicken fillet (100 g), and vegetable soup or stew.
Snack: fruit puree in jars (2 PCs)
Evening: vegetable and meat puree (2 cans), 100 grams of baby diet cottage cheese
Snack: puree vegetables or fruit – 1-2 jars


Diet Jennifer aniston in any of the proposed options provides a good result. As practice shows, it's best to stick to the diet, which is based on portioned baby food.