Protein diet for 10 days

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Menu diet number 1

This diet was developed by the Elena Malysheva and Natalya Grigoryeva (2 eminent nutritionist). In this case, protein menu is observed throughout the first half of the diet.

Immediately after waking up SIP it drink 250 ml of warm water — liquid is intended to start the metabolism in the body. Half an hour later can have Breakfast – morning meal includes boiled egg. For lunch, snack and dinner supposed to eat chicken. Cook it in the second stock (first drain the broth). Do not salt the water. Have cooked chicken, remove the skin, meat, scald with boiling water to remove any fat. The norm of meat – 800 g. during the day you should drink 2 liters of water.

the Second half is dedicated to diet active cleaning of the intestine (protein foods leads to the development of constipation). Every day eat 1.5 kg of vegetables that contain a minimal amount of starch. It's advisable to eat them fresh. Not hurt daily to prepare salad, brush with raw beets, carrots, cabbage (for dressing use lemon juice).

Menu diet № 2

In this case protein carbohydrate days interspersed. Daily is recommended to drink broth hips without sugar, still water (the General rule is 2-3 l). In day # 1, eat boiled eggs (4-6 pieces). The next day you eat boiled fish (rate not specified). Day 3 is dedicated to the cream cheese (low fat take the product, eat to saturation, but do not overeat). The next day allows you to eat chicken (remove the skin). Day # 5 – carbohydrate food (potatoes cook in the skin, the weight of the daily servings – 1 kg). The next day, eat boiled beef (up to saturation). Day No. 7 is supposed to eat non-starchy vegetables (choose green varieties). Day No. 8 – the sweet-sour fruit and berries. Next day again dedicated to protein-rich foods – drink low-fat yogurt (about 1.5 l). The last day of the diet is dedicated to unloading – drink a decoction of rose hips and water.

The correct completion of the diet

After a ten-day diet once a week to arrange unloading on protein-rich foods (you may choose any menu protein diet).


a Protein-based diet designed for 10 days, provides a good plumb. Weight loss in first days is 0.8-1 kg, then the rate of weight loss slowed. On average, 10 days goes 5-7 kg, but you can hear that during this period, someone manages to lose about 10 kg. This is possible only when a large excess weight.


Protein diet for 10 days contraindicated in the presence of pathologies of the excretory system, as well as the tendency to constipation and ulcers. If you have any chronic disease, you can lose weight only after consulting with your doctor.

Reviews thinner

Judging by the reviews, the first days of the diet (both versions) are pretty hard. Despite the fact that the protein maintains a feeling of satiety, the habit of eating large portions and a diverse set of products creates certain difficulties. After a few days the feeling of hunger blunted. The rate of weight loss is encouraging, but each slimming results.