Diet Arina Sharapova

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What is the diet Arina Sharapova?

Arina Sharapova has entrusted the creation of a diet professional nutritionist. Specially developed technique allowed her to lose about 10 lbs. To the credit of the expert who developed the diet, it is worth noting that the process of losing weight Arina has been slow — it allowed her body to adapt to the new menu and not experience a lot of stress.

unfortunately, the habit in everyday life to eat without particular limitations, from time to time still resulted in a strong sense of hunger. However, the problem presenter has successfully solved, dulling your appetite with a Cup of unsweetened coffee or glass of still water. Despite all the difficulties, she managed to pass the test to the end. His followers Sharapova recommends not to interrupt the process of losing weight, otherwise the effect would not be achieved.

Diet diet

Before you start the meal, the nutritionist Arina Sharapova recommended the ward to drink a glass of warm water is, according to him, allows to fool the body and reduce appetite (stomach, figuratively speaking, does not count calories, but focuses on the degree of filling).

Stable weight loss contributes to the decline in the proportion of fat in the diet. The restriction is subject to the vegetable oil. Under complete prohibition are:
• butter and margarine
• Any kind of pate, sausages and offal.
• Fatty meat products
• Whole milk and fatty dairy products (including cheese with fat content of more than 40 %)

the Exception be and foods that contain simple carbohydrates, namely:
• Any sweets, and pastries
• Some cereals (semolina, rice)
• Potatoes in any form, and bananas
• Any sugary drinks (juices with added sugar, sweet fruit drinks, carbonated soft drinks, etc.)

the basis of the diet Arina Sharapova long 3 months was the following group of products:
• lettuce
• fruits and Vegetables except potatoes and bananas
• low-Fat cottage cheese
• Lean meat (veal, beef)
• poultry Fillets without skin
• Lean fish

To create a dietary meals we used the following methods: boiling and steaming on the grill.

Life after diets

Arina Sharapova, inspired by the success continued diet menu and in everyday life. To maintain in shape, it helps "brand" the soup. To cook it the heroine of our article uses any vegetables (except potatoes), currently present in the kitchen. All the ingredients it if necessary, cleans, washes, finely cut and cook to readiness in small amount of water. In conclusion, Arina whisk the soup with a blender, it flavored low-fat sour cream (if desired) and adds the herbs. This simple dish, by the way, goes well with the soy sauce — it adds taste range a spicy touch, and simultaneously protects from the excess salt.

Diet well-known TV presenter quite simple, but it significantly reduces the proportion of fatty acids in the diet, which can affect health. Supplement to vegetables in a reasonable amount of vegetable oil will help to correct this defect, however, the process of weight loss then slow somewhat.