Grazing diet

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Grazing diet

best in all respects – it allows you to eat balanced and the most efficient, as it relies not on cutting diet, and to increase the number of meals.

What is the basis of grazing diet?

a Japanese study revealed an interesting feature of the human body: at a time when the consumed food is fully digested in the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract is derived ghrelin — a peptide hormone that stimulates the so-called hunger center. The concentration of this hormone increases literally every minute, that may cause increased feelings of hunger.

Nutritionists came to the conclusion that if you split the diet into 5-6 servings, reducing to a minimum the interval between meals, the natural reason for the rapid appetite can be addressed. Thus, grazing diet is nothing like a fractional power. Through frequent meals appetite disappears, and thus the amount of food eaten is reduced. This is what allows you to gradually and painlessly for the body to lose weight.

The main provisions of the

• Sitting on this diet is to eat 5-6 times a day (the diet should include all nutrients), it is necessary to control the amount of servings
• the Amount drunk per day of liquid should be 2-2.5 l
• you need to Eat slowly, carefully chewing food
• the Last meal should be 2 hours before a night's rest
• do Not have inertia (if the food no longer brings pleasure, the plate stands aside)

Diet diet

the basis of the diet are:
— dairy products;
— lean meat and poultry;
— marine and freshwater fish, and seafood;
— bakery products dietary plan (muesli bars, branny bread, etc.);
berries, vegetables and fruits in any form;
— Kashi;
— eggs
vegetable oil.

it is Worth remembering that thanks to the plant food organic acids, it can enhance the secretion of gastric juice and cause the feeling of hunger – that did not happen, you can Supplement it with crackers or toast.

From the diet should exclude:
— any "weed" food (flavored crackers, chips, etc.);
— confectionery;
— fried and fatty foods.


Grazing diet rejuvenates the body and has no contraindications. It normalizes the digestive tract and prevents the occurrence of atherosclerosis, hypertension, insomnia and other problems.

please note that the diet is ideal for obese people belonging to any age category. It provides a systematic and stable weight loss without any stress to the body, and stick to this technique you can even a lifetime.