Diet Anfisa Chekhova

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The basics of diet Anfisa Chekhova

the media personality in his time made a serious effort to reach the model forms. Losing weight by 20 kg, our heroine got a serious health problems. Seeking more to prevent this and not trusting the nutritionist, the star decided to develop its own method of weight loss and weight maintenance, which should provide good results, but it will not be a shock to the system. The essence of the diet is reduced to a simple rule, which can adhere to all comers: eat all you can, but you need to replace high-calorie ingredients in favorite dishes to their low-calorie counterparts.

in Addition Anfisa revised ways of cooking in everyday life she prefers stewed or steamed dishes. The basis of the diet the TV presenter has for a long time are lean meat, poultry and fish and low-calorie entrees and vegetable food in all its diversity.

If Anfisa have an active work schedule, she indulges in visiting your favorite restaurant. If there is a small "window" star tries to maintain their shape using a self-designed diet. Anfisa believes that a strict diet absolutely unacceptable – it is recommended to arrange a "promotion" in the form of a slice of dark chocolate or other Goodies. The main thing in this question is the lack of "blame" (do not blame yourself for the weakness).

Diet diet

Following the recommendations of well-known TV presenter, you need to eat every 2-3 hours (snacks can be a small amount of dried fruit or vegetable food). Under the ban are pastries, white bread, sugar and alcohol. Every week will have to arrange a 3 day fasting – they are based on vegetables, fish and low-fat cottage cheese.

A sample diet discharge

• Breakfast: green tea without sugar (you can replace it with herbal infusion and cleansing effect) and a small amount of low fat cottage cheese
• Lunch: steamed vegetables and steamed fish and mineral water
• Dinner: any vegetable food fresh and unsweetened green tea with a slice of lemon

After unloading, the presenter expands the list of few dishes. During this period, the menu looks as follows:

Breakfast (optional):
• Lean oatmeal with fruit pieces
• Grain bread or toast with organic honey or jam with fructose
• Cereals with added low-fat yogurt
• low-Fat cottage cheese with 1 tsp of honey and slices of grapefruit

• Vegetable soup or vegetable soup, as well as meat or fish dish with fresh or steamed vegetables

• Plant food in any form

Methods of weight loss and weight maintenance from Anfisa Chekhova is not complicated – it allows from time to time to pamper yourself with your favorite dishes, without feeling pangs of conscience. This diet has virtually no contraindications, so everyone can follow it.