Canadian diet

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the Canadian diet in our article is presented in two versions. Where did the name of this technique, losing weight is hard to say, but its efficiency is no doubt. The advantages of this diet include its easy portability, the feeling of hunger during the whole process of losing weight is absent.

The main provisions of the diet

whatever diet option you choose, you will have to adhere to the following guidelines:
1. Diet is to strengthen physical exercise to do at home or visit the gym to 3 times a week (duration of exercise — at least 30-40 minutes).
2. Dinner is in the period from 17.00 to 18.00 or later.
3. To maintain the fluid balance in the body, and also for purification of toxins and waste products, it is necessary to drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid (this amount may include teas, juices without sugar and sparkling water).
4. To protect yourself from loss of minerals and vitamins, it is recommended to take vitamin-mineral complex.
5. The supply of fatty acids will help restore the olive oil – it is use for cooking and for salad dressings (1 tbsp per day).

Diet, option # 1

the Duration of this diet is 3 weeks. During this time, you can lose 8-10 lbs. I have to Eat quite monotonous, however, starvation does not threaten you (if the product quantity is not regulated, then you can eat to saturation).

• Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese (hard cheese, boiled eggs) and dried slices of black bread (cereal bread, bread from wheat flour) and unsweetened herbal tea.
• Second Breakfast: any fruit – 2 pieces.
• Lunch (if desired, part of dinner, menus include brunch): chicken fillet (fish, lean meat), boiled or in the form of steam cutlets and baked potatoes (porridge of brown rice, dark pasta) without butter and a salad of fresh vegetables
• Snack: natural juice (fruit, vegetable) or green tea
• Dinner: salad of fresh vegetables (as an option, steamed vegetables) and boiled or grilled fish and sparkling mineral water

Diet, option # 2

Lasts this diet for only 7 days. The basis of the diet is vegetable soup prepared by random recipe (you can include any vegetables except for potatoes). Welcome greens, not forbidden to add a small amount of vegetable oil or low fat sour cream. It is quite possible to cook soups and change the recipe almost every day. Weight loss is 3-5 kg.

• Monday: any fruit and vegetable soup
• Tuesday: any vegetables (fresh, steamed or boiled) with the exception of corn, peas, beans and potatoes, and a vegetable soup
• Wednesday: vegetables (except potatoes), fruit (except bananas) and a light vegetable soup
• Thursday: any fresh vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese and vegetable soup
• Friday: lean meat boiled or steam chicken – 300 g vegetable soup
• Saturday: lean fish, steamed or baked in foil – 300 g fresh vegetables and vegetable soup
• Sunday: brown rice and vegetable soup, mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables

Out of the diet

After a diet you need to stick to protein and vegetable diet, limiting the consumption of fatty foods, sugar, confectionery and bakery products. The products will be subjected to a gentle heat treatment, avoiding frying (they can be boiled, broiled, steamed and baked).

the Canadian diet is not as complex as a rigid method of weight loss. At the same time her diet is no different the perfect balance of nutrients (fats significantly restricted), so to exceed the recommended time diet impossible – it can harm the body.