Metabolic diet

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The essence of the diet

What is this technique of correction? Its main principle is hormonal changes. Thanks to this it is possible not only to start the process of burning fat, but also to prevent the emergence of new savings. An elaborate diet of the diet to minimize the production of estrogen and insulin – that these hormones are responsible for what we recover. Supplements program weight loss the increased synthesis of fat-burning hormones — epinephrine, testosterone, norepinephrine.

Products are distributed to the carbohydrates into several groups. For convenience it uses a list – when you finish, you will be able to make their own diet. The slimming process is divided into stages.

Stage # 1

This phase is only 14 days. To revisit it is possible not earlier than after 15 days. In this period there is the greatest weight loss, because you have to eat only "zero" products that do not contain any fat or carbohydrates. In order not to sow discord in the body, fats should enter into the diet every day you will eat 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil. The supply deficit may be accompanied by some discomfort. If a Cup of sweet tea does not normalize your condition, you will have to interrupt the first phase and move to the next.

Stage 2

the Second phase also allows you to lose weight, but with less speed. Its duration is individual – you can stick with it to achieve the desired results. Here signs not just the carbohydrate value of the diet, but also food. Breakfast is recommended in the period from 8.00 to 10.00 (number of points – 4). Second Breakfast and lunch (11.00-12.00/14.00-15.00) have a lower carbohydrate value (supposed to "eat" only 2 points). Following a snack (16.00-18.00) provides us with just 1 point carbohydrate feeding. Dinner, and all must contain only "zero" products.

Stage # 3

This stage is intended to fix the result of diet. The diet will have to regulate themselves, focusing on the change in weight. To start, you will need to add 1 point for each meal except dinner (he must still remain zero). If the weight continues to go, you have to add some more points. If the weight increases, you will need to take care about reducing carbohydrate feeding. Finding a middle ground where the weight will be in the same range, you will be able to follow this plan, and in the future.


As already mentioned, diet distributes products into groups. Making the diet, you can use multiple products (it is important only that the result was a recommended figure – you cannot increase it). To the zero group are mainly protein foods (shrimp, fillet of poultry, eggs, etc.). It also includes a food additive (referring to the protein and fiber). Diluted diet citrus fruits (lemon, lime). In the category of zero products includes garlic and onions. It also includes algae, spices, and vinegar. The 1st point bring vegetable juices (self-cooked), beans (priority for the white beans), and berries. 2 points carbohydrate feeding provide products containing fats: vegetable oils, nuts, avocado, seeds, fatty dairy products (4%), olives. This group includes cereals (buckwheat, brown rice, oats), red meat, offal, branny bread, and boiled root vegetables (beets and carrots). 3 points provide fruit juices, corn, muesli, dark chocolate, sweet yoghurt, cheese. 4 points contain the most useful foods – sugar, alcohol, potatoes, sweets, fatty sauces, very greasy dairy products. This includes fatty meats (including duck), canned food, sausages, pastries made with white flour, soft drinks, packaged juices. Wormed his way into this group and quite useful, but very sweet products such as honey and dried fruits.


the Metabolic diet, judging by the reviews, provides a good plumb. The average for the 3 months you can lose about 15-18 pounds.