Autumn diet

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The essence of the autumn diet

This diet prescribes the use of a rich summer harvest, therefore brings the body only use. The diet includes vegetables and fruits, filled with the vitality of nature. Given that this method of weight loss protects against any chemical additives and enriches the diet of natural food fiber, it is possible to count not only on the normalization of weight and General health of the organism, but also on strengthening the immune system.

Diet fall diet

This diet includes:
• Vegetables
• Fruits
• Berries
• Fruits
• low-Fat dairy products
• Vegetable oil

the Exception to be:
• Any meat products
• Animal fats
• Egg
• Sugar
• Pickles and smoked
• Alcohol, black tea and coffee
• Any food additives

the diet of the Diet is very diverse – to make it completely independently. We give only a rough version, which you can adjust in a free form, relying on the General rule.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: lean oatmeal and a salad of grated carrots with honey and yogurt and low-fat yogurt
• Lunch: vegetable salad with herbs and olives, dressed with olive oil, and potatoes baked in the oven without adding oil
• Dinner: cabbage salad with carrots and sweet peppers

• Breakfast: low-fat yogurt — 150 ml, banana, orange
• Lunch: mushroom soup — 400 ml and a slice of grain bread 50 g
• Dinner: baked eggplant – 150 g green salad and crusty bread — 25 g

• Breakfast: boiled egg, half a grapefruit and a slice of grain bread with a thin layer of honey
• Lunch: baked potato with peanut butter, bean sprouts and vegetable salad
• Dinner: spicy beans cooked in corn oil, and grated cheese and lettuce.

• Breakfast: muesli with low-fat yogurt or milk and fruit salad with a spoon of flax seed
• Dinner: pizza with vegetables and green salad
• Dinner: casserole of vegetables with vegetable salad

• Breakfast: a slice of diet bread with a thin layer of honey, as well as low-fat yogurt and any fruit.
• Lunch: vegetable soup with mushrooms, and also grain bread and tomato
• Dinner: lentils cooked with spices and white cabbage salad

• Breakfast: grain bread and boiled beans in tomato sauce – 150 g and grapefruit
• Lunch: rice with nuts and fruit, along with fruit salad
• Dinner: stew with mushrooms – 150 g, and crisp bread – 25 g

• Breakfast: muesli with skimmed milk, berries, fruit and flax seed
• Lunch: lentil soup 400 ml, and a slice of grain bread and an orange
• Dinner: pasta from durum wheat with a side dish of vegetables

Autumn diet will fill you with energy of the past summer. Be sure to take it on Board.