Radical diet

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Recommendations radical diet

the Diet lasts for 15 days. It is desirable at this time to protect yourself from stress – any experiences can provoke a breakdown. It is undesirable during the diet sports – the most sensible option of physical activity are walking in the fresh air. Presented below menu cannot be changed – it will reduce the effectiveness of the diet. Every day you should drink about one and a half liters of fluid (you can increase this rate). Diet day should be divided into 3-4 portions.


1. Potatoes boiled in their skins, and eggs (3 PCs) – they need to cook hard-boiled.

2. 1 tbsp. of kefir minimal-fat and 100 grams of fat-free cottage cheese and 1 tbsp low fat sour cream.

3. 1 litre home-made juice and 500 ml of kefir minimal-fat and apples (1-2 PCs.).

4. 1 tbsp. of kefir minimal-fat veal or chicken, boiled (400 g).

5. 500 g pears or apples, and non-carbonated mineral water.

6. Welded in a peel potatoes – 3 PCs and fermented milk, fat content not exceeding 1 % (300 ml).

7. 500 ml of fermented milk drink minimal-fat and non-carbonated mineral water.

8. Only water (it is recommended to Supplement your weight loss a sauna).

9. Boiled beef (200 g), boiled egg, tomatoes (2 PCs) or pickled cabbage (200 g) and non-carbonated mineral water.

10. About 200 g of salad made of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes (season the salad with vegetable oil), and a pair of baked apples, a serving of cooked veal (100 g), non-carbonated mineral water.

11. 2 fruit (can eat an Apple or pear), 100 g of veal, boiled, 2 slices of rye bread.

12. 500 ml of fermented milk drink minimal-fat, boiled eggs (2 pieces), 4 slices of black bread, boiled beef (100 g).

13. 500 ml of fermented milk drink minimal-fat, boiled in their skins potatoes, about 700 grams of apples.

14. Hard-boiled eggs, fresh cucumbers (2 PCs.), boiled chicken breast without skin (300 g).

15. 1 tbsp. fermented milk drink minimal-fat, boiled potatoes (4 pieces), baked apples (2 PCs.)

The correct completion of the diet

After the diet caloric intake should increase gradually. First, it should not exceed 1000 kcal. You can not eat smoked products, fatty foods, very sweet fruits, any sweets. In fact, the range of products remains the same (you can add only vegetables and lean cereal). Of the foods you can cook different dishes (soups, salads). In a week you can add another 200 kcal (by increasing the range and improve fat protein products). Next week add another 200 calories in the daily diet. One of these days start unloading. Reaching 1600 kcal per day, can return to active sports. Continue to unload 1 time a week.


a Radical low-calorie diet is contraindicated if you have any health problems.


Radical diet for 15 days deprives of nutrition – to survive her very difficult. According to reviews, this method takes about 7-8 kg of excess weight.