Beet-carrot diet

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Briefly about the benefits of beets and carrots

Even long term storage does not deprive the beets and carrots are good qualities. This allows you to use these root vegetables throughout the year. He and the other vegetable includes minerals, vitamins, organic acids, sugar and fiber.

Beets are especially helpful in dysfunction of the stomach, tendency to constipation and in diseases of the thyroid gland, the hematopoietic and cardiovascular systems.

Carrot takes part in regulation of carbohydrates exchange. It improves digestion and has beneficial effects on intracellular redox processes. Carrot juice is used as a General tonic in anemia and loss of strength. The special value of carrots gives the presence of carotene – it boosts the protective properties of the organism, normalizes vision and improves the condition of skin.

The essence of the diet and specific recommendations

Beet-carrot diet proposes to employ the above-mentioned vegetables raw and boiled, and the juice from them. Please note – the beet juice immediately after preparation is not recommended to drink, because it contains a special volatile elements that could provoke an attack of vomiting. To avoid this you need to give juice to soak (it is not forbidden to mix it with rosehip tea or just water).

Diet diet

the duration of the beet-carrot diet – 10 days, weight loss is 5-7 lbs. you can Eat the following products:
• Beets, boiled
• Carrots in both raw and boiled
• low-fat sour cream or olive oil – 1 tbsp at once (the fats make vegetables the maximum benefit)
• Juice of carrot and beet, and a mixture of them
• Sparkling water
• Any teas without sugar and milk

a Limitation on the amount of servings of vegetables are imposed – they can be eaten up to full saturation.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: boiled beets and fresh carrots with the addition of 1 tsp of olive oil or sour cream
• Lunch: vegetable soup made from carrots and beets (you can add onion, tomato, zucchini, but the salt should not), and beet-carrot salad with dressing of garlic and olive oil
• Afternoon tea: carrot or beet juice (can be mixed or diluted with decoction of rose hips)
• Dinner: beet-carrot salad, seasoned with 1 tsp. sour cream and carrot or beetroot juice


Beet-carrot diet has its contraindications. It is not necessary to stick to those who have reduced blood pressure, and there are serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract. An obstacle to its implementation are:
• diabetes severe
• Cholelithiasis
• Inflammation of the small intestine

Beet-carrot diet many causes rejection because of its limited menu, so it is quite possible to reduce its duration to 1.5 days. In this case, it will only benefit and will not leave unpleasant memories.