Pumpkin diet

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Recommendations diet

Pumpkin low-calorie diet lasts 2 weeks and allows you to lose 5-7 pounds of excess weight. The diet is divided into 3 stages for 4 days (menu of each stage is the same). Every day you should drink plenty of still water.


From the pumpkin diet will have to give in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the period of exacerbation. It is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, and in the case that the immune system is weakened.

Diet menu

1. For Breakfast cook porridge – cubes of pumpkin pulp (200 g) extinguish with addition of water 20 minutes, add 2 tbsp of millet and simmer for another 15-20 minutes. Add in a diet of salad made from raw pumpkin pulp and pear (weight servings – 150 g). At lunch, eat a portion of soup (200 g). Prepared vegetables (pumpkin, peppers, potatoes) cover with water and cook until tender. At the end add a little salt. Turn the vegetables into a puree, dilute with low-fat milk, precipatate. Dinner – pumpkin pie. For its preparation lightly fry 150 grams of pumpkin on vegetable oil, combine with chopped dried apricots, add 1 egg, a little flour. Put in shape, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and bake at 200 degrees.

2. For Breakfast cook pumpkin pancakes. This boiled pumpkin (200 g) RUB through a sieve, combine with egg, milk, a small amount of flour. Fry the pancakes in a nonstick pan. For lunch, bake a pumpkin. Wash small fruit, cut in half, remove seeds, fill with chopped vegetables (peppers, tomatoes). Sprinkle "pumps" low-calorie grated cheese, bake at 200 degrees until cooked. Portion weight – 300 g. For dinner, prepare a fruit and vegetable mixture – bake in the oven the pumpkin cubes, pineapple, Apple (can add a bit of prunes). Portion weight – 250 g.

3. The first meal – a salad prepared with 150 g of raw pumpkin, and Apple (season with lemon juice, ground nuts). For lunch cook the soup on low-fat chicken broth (use pumpkin, carrots and potatoes). Chop the cooked meat and add to soup. Portion weight – 300 g. For dinner, bake the pumpkin slices in the oven (for flavor, add vanilla and honey).

4. For Breakfast cook pumpkin porridge (recipe 1 day). At lunch, eat a baked bell pepper and pumpkin soup (recipe 1 or 3 days). For dinner, prepare a stew. Pumpkin flesh cut, carrot RUB on a grater. Fry the vegetables in vegetable oil. Add the canned white beans, add a little water. Simmer until tender.


Pumpkin diet for weight loss quite easily tolerated, but requires constantly to cook something – it causes some difficulties (especially if a person spends all day at work).