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Navaluna diet


How does novalena diet?

it has Long been observed that the Moon actively influences our body – the new moon happens the motion of the fluid (due to changing pressure) that have some impact on metabolism (it is accelerating). With very little adjustment diet in the period of the new moon can be relatively quickly and without negative consequences to change your weight down. It is noticed that in new moon there is a surge of energy, so restricting the diet is easier. Weight goes fast enough (up to 1 kg per day), and, most importantly, permanently (subject to the simple rules).

Menu novolunie diet

• 8.00 am: green tea with 1 teaspoon of natural honey
• 10.00: boiled eggs – 2 PCs.
• 12.00: green tea with 1 teaspoon of natural honey
• 14.00: lean meat boiled 200 g
• 16.00: low-fat yogurt – 250 ml
• 18.00: green Apple – 1 PC.
• 20.00: wine – 200 ml (optional)
• 22.00: low-fat yogurt – 250 ml

during the day, it is not forbidden to drink pure water in unlimited quantity. People with low pressure is recommended in the morning to drink a Cup of coffee without sugar and milk.

Arbitrary option diet

Practice shows that small changes in the diet do not affect the result. For example, boiled eggs can be replaced with a steam omelette (some go further and even reject eggs in favor of seafood). Everything is in your hands. The main rule is to increase the daily caloric intake and the diet should be following these guidelines.

Main recommendations for nutrition in new moon

Four days and will have to follow the following rules:
• Till 12.00 is possible and necessary to diversify the diet, but the portions should be reasonable (overeating is strictly forbidden)
• After 12.00 it is necessary to exclude from a diet smoked products, pickles, as well as starchy foods, fatty and fried foods and products

Diet after diet

After novolunie diet you can return to a balanced diet. In order not to gain weight, it is sufficient to observe the following rules:
1. After 18.00-19.00, you can only drink (with a strong hunger before bed acceptable low-fat dairy drinks).
2. It is impossible to overeat.
3. Most of your calories should be consumed in the morning.
4. Once a week is recommended to do the unloading (on yogurt, vegetables, fruits).

You fascinated by the night light? Then navaluna diet is just perfect. I hope it will help you solve the problem with the extra weight, good luck!