Diet for persistent

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Key recommendations

This diet involves the consumption of protein and plant foods. Its duration should not exceed weeks. Repeat no earlier than 6 months. Between meals is recommended to drink plenty of fluids (unsweetened tea, water, herbal teas). Salt is better not to abuse. Sugar and alcohol is under complete prohibition.

Diet diet

• Breakfast: fresh fruit (small amount), low fat cottage cheese and green tea
• Lunch: fish, lean meat or poultry, boiled 200 g, green salad and fruit for dessert
• Dinner: dried black bread — 2 slices and low-fat yogurt – 250 ml

The pros of the diet

This diet provides proteins (building material for muscle mass), useful carbohydrates and fiber. The relatively short duration of this technique allows to avoid malfunctions of the body caused by poor diet.

Disadvantages diet

the Main disadvantage of this diet can be considered almost complete rejection of fat. A small proportion of fatty acids in the diet can lead to disruption of the nervous system, weakening of the immune system, as well as to the appearance of degenerative changes in the skin and tissues of the various organs of the human body (particularly the kidneys).


Diet-resistant allows you to quickly get rid of 4 kg of excess weight. Unfortunately, the result is usually unable to save for a long time.

Out of the diet

This diet severely restricts the diet, therefore, after its completion we cannot return to the regular menu. The first days it is recommended to dedicate steamed, boiled or stewed dishes. Alcohol, flour and confectionery products will have to abstain.

This method of weight loss can not be considered completely safe, so the time spent on such a diet is better to reduce using the menu to unload after the holidays.