Diet for 2 weeks

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In the quest to correct shape, we use different methods, but the main place is a low calorie meal plan. Two week diet for weight loss will help you in the shortest possible time to achieve the goal. We offer to your attention 3 options.

Gentle two week diet

This diet for 2 weeks, allows you to eat quite diverse – there is no need to strictly control the caloric intake or consult a fixed diet. You will eat 4 times a day in regular mode, observing reasonable limits. Avoid consuming large amounts of fat and sugar, do not drink alcohol (it stimulates appetite). Finish the last meal for 3-4 hours before bedtime. The main secret of weight loss is water shortly before each meal drink 500ml non-carbonated liquid (after eating you can drink not sooner than an hour). In the first days will be difficult to force yourself to drink so much water, but after a few days you get used to it. Liquid curbs the appetite, and normalizes metabolism and helps to cleanse the body from decay products formed in the destruction of adipose tissue. To help the process of weight loss is recommended to do sports. 2 weeks of such diet you will lose about 5 kg of excess weight (some lose more – it all depends on the initial rates of weight). If drinking water before eating will become a habit, you will be able no longer to ponder the question of correction (after the main stage is enough to decrease the rate of liquid to 1 tbsp.).

Balanced diet for 2 weeks

This diet prohibited to use the following group of products:
— mayonnaise, and any fatty sauces;
— butter, margarine and refractory animal fats;
— any cheese;
— meats;
— soft varieties of wheat;
— pasta, pastries, bread;
— fried potatoes.
— sugar, confectionery and any sweets;
— any alcoholic beverages (including wine).

the basis of the diet should be:
— vegetables (in priority green – cucumbers, green bell peppers, cabbage, etc.);
— sweet and sour fruits (prefer apples);
— prepare juices from vegetables and fruits (purchased can not be consumed);
— fish or meat boiled or steam form (1 portion a day, and its weight should not exceed 150-200 g);
— low fat cottage cheese (about 150-200 g per day);
— seafood;
— low fat kefir;
— eggs
— vegetable oil (about 1 tbsp. per day);
— drink water and unsweetened teas (the amount of available liquid — not less than one and a half liters).

you need to Eat 4-5 times a day, the last meal should be finished before 19.00 (if you go later, then before bedtime can drink low-fat yogurt or a Cup of unsweetened tea). Caloric intake will have to be limited to 1200-1300 calories. The diet should be on their own, taking as a basis the list of approved products.

sample menu:
• Breakfast steam omelet with greens, fresh vegetables, unsweetened tea
• Second Breakfast: 2-3 tbsp of curd and a decoction of rose hips
• Lunch: vegetable broth, a portion of meat or seafood, vegetables and natural juice
• afternoon Snack: yogurt or fruit
• Dinner: steamed veggies and tea

Two week liquid diet

This diet will make you abandon any solid food. The basis of your diet will be liquid foods such as strained meat broths, milk, milk drinks, juices, herbal, vegetable and fruit broths and water. Resorting to this diet can be no more than 1 time in 6 months. It cannot be used with pathologies of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract. Average weight loss 2 weeks – 10 lbs.

sample menu:
• Broth, made from 0.25 tbsp whole grain oat and 0.5 l of water
• water Diluted fruit juice
• Yogurt
• Unsweetened fruit broth
• Diluted with water vegetable juice
• low-fat milk
• Filtered unsalted beef broth
• Unsalted vegetable broth

the Approximate interval between fluid intake and a half hours.


Diet for 2 weeks is considered quite a reasonable option – if the slimming process lasts less than this period, the weight is quickly restored, and if longer, dietary restrictions bored (and this leads to breakdowns). Diet result directly depends on the selected menu, and from the initial weight.