Squash diet

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The benefits of a diet

Zucchini have minimal calories (about 17 calories per 100 g), therefore, during the passage of the diet you can eat enough of them (1.5 kg and more). This vegetable does not cause allergies. It contains a large number of useful elements – first of all, b vitamins and ascorbic and nicotinic acid. Courgettes are composed of mineral salts of potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium. Squash diet leads to normal water and electrolyte balance, removes excess cholesterol. This technique suits people who have a "delicate" stomach – dietary fiber in zucchini is not as great as other vegetables. Squash menu beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and also other internal organs. Zucchini contribute to the excretion of excess fluid, which is also reflected in the weight.

Recommendations diet

For diet more suited zucchini with green peel. By the way, to clear the fruit from it is not worth it – in the skin a high concentration of nutrients. Despite the useful part, eat one zucchini is not necessary – it is necessary to include in the diet lean protein foods, vegetables and fruits. The exception are subject to sweets, alcoholic beverages, animal fats, flour products. Every day you should drink 8-10 cups of liquid.


Diet zucchini contraindicated in serious diseases of the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract.

Squash diet for 3 days

Such a diet will help you lose 1-2 kg. Provides for 5 meals (distribute the products at its sole discretion). The only downside of this diet is the need of preparing different vegetable dishes (not everyone has time for that). You can make one dish to choose from, increasing the dose to the desired size (for example, eat only steamed or baked zucchini only).

Day # 1
during the day: a portion of steamed vegetables (250 g), baked zucchini (500 g), vegetable salad, Apple, some dried fruit, 50 grams of meat, citrus juice (250 ml), water and tea

Day # 2
For the day: 150 grams of salad of fruit, 3 servings of 250 g of steamed or baked vegetable marrows, 200 g fish, tomato juice, kiwi, 100 g raisins, Apple, tea and water

Day # 3
For the day: 150 g precast fruit salad, grapefruit, serving of zucchini soup, chicken and zucchini cooked on the grill (150 g/250 g), citrus juice (250 ml) vegetable caviar from squash and eggplant (200 g), steamed zucchini with carrots (250 g), tea, water

Diet for 10 days

This diet is based on courgettes, takes 10 days and allows you to lose about 4-5 kg. Provides 2 options menu – they need to be alternated with each other. The rate of salt should be limited, other restrictions are the same as in the first variant of diet.

Option # 1

in the Morning, prepare squash casserole (for density add the rye flour). After 2 hours, eat a salad of raw zucchini, cucumber, carrots (season with his yogurt). For lunch, make soup from zucchini, and celery. Add in the diet piece of boiled chicken. As a snack, use a dish made from raw zucchini, grated ginger, 200 g of cottage cheese minimal fat and pepper (season with herbs and yogurt). For dinner, bake the "boats" of zucchini filled with vegetable filling.

Option # 2

in the Morning, fry on vegetable oil muffins – prepare batter of grated zucchini, raw eggs, flour (season with salt, can add a little fructose). For lunch, prepare a salad of raw zucchini, greens and vegetable oil. For lunch eat fish baked with zucchini and other vegetables. In the afternoon, eat, have a cocktail, prepared from roasted zucchini, cottage cheese and yogurt (whisk blender). Dinner menu: zucchini, stewed with mushrooms and tomatoes.


Vegetable diet, judging by the reviews, provides a stable weight loss. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for everyone – several times a day to cook squash dishes is not always convenient (it takes a long time). In General, the diet is quite reasonable.