Diet dried fruit

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Briefly about the benefits of dried fruits

Dried fruits are almost fully preserve all the useful properties of the original product – they contain vitamins, minerals, healthy sugars and high amounts of fiber. In the old days healers are happy to "exploit" the useful qualities of dried fruit, using them in the fight against various diseases and physical depletion. Today, their popularity has not diminished at all dried fruits are often included in menu diets, and also used to restore the beauty of skin, hair and nails. The caloric content of dried fruit is really high. For comparison, the energy value of apricot – 49 kcal, and dried apricots — 215 kcal per 100 g of product. However, it has long been observed to eat a lot of dried fruit is simply impossible, because they are well saturated, without loading the stomach. However, this product normalizes your intestinal tract and improves bowel motility.

How to choose dried fruits for diet?

For diet suitable only natural dried fruits (no candied fruits). The quality of dried fruit can not save in any case – is considered to be the most justified purchasing this product in special packaging. If you decide to make the purchase on the market, remember:
• dried Apricots are light in color, most likely treated with sulfur dioxide – best to look for a more natural product
• Beautiful shiny skin in prunes may be the result of the processing of glycerin
• due to the fact that the product is not Packed, it can "fancy" pests, and therefore does not prevent to RUB the flesh (the larvae will be visible)
• Wine notes in the smell and taste of dried fruit talking about breaking the drying process – a product not fit for use.

And remember, before eating any dried fruits should be thoroughly washed in warm water.


Diet lasts for 3-5 days. During this time will have to forget about any food except the dried fruit and nuts. A daily dose of Goodies, consisting of 3 main product types and 2 types of nuts should not exceed 100 g. This amount is spread evenly throughout the day.

Liquid diet includes:
• Unsweetened tea (coffee)
• Water
• Dry wine — 100 ml or beer – 250 ml per day (if desired)

One day diet can carry out 0.7-1 kg of excess weight. However, if not its the end result will not last for long. To avoid this, the first days after the diet you should avoid sweets, smoked meats, pickles and any high-calorie foods (about a week to enter them it is possible, but very gradually and in limited quantities).

the Diet of dried fruits is another way of "delicious" to lose weight, but do not forget about the harmful effects of unbalanced nutrition on the human body. If you do decide to experiment, just arrange fasting day on dried fruit and nothing more.