Ten-day diet

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General guidelines

Based on the name of the diet, its duration in any of the options is 10 days. During the day it is not forbidden to drink non-carbonated mineral water. The last meal should be held until 18.00. Before starting a diet is to make sure there are no issues from their own health – if you have serious deviations from the norm will have to postpone the diet for another time or to choose the more gentle option.

Menu ten day diet

Option # 1

weight Loss on this diet is 4-6 kg.

• First day: boiled potatoes – 1 kg
• Second day: cabbage fresh – 1 kg
• Third day: boiled beets – 1 kg
• Fourth day: carrots raw – 1 kg
• Fifth day: green apples – 1 kg
• the Sixth day: cucumbers – 1 kg
• the Seventh day: green apples – 1 kg
• the Eighth day: low fat milk – 1 liter
• Ninth day: low-fat yogurt or sour milk – 1 liter
• Tenth day: unsalted vegetable porridge of brown rice (100 g cereal)

Option # 2

In this embodiment, the products whose weight is not specified, it is possible to have up to saturation (not overeating in this case). Weight loss is 6 pounds.

• First day: buckwheat porridge, steamed with boiling water the night before, as well as low-fat milk and green tea
• Second day: low-fat cottage cheese – 500 g, as well as baked and fresh green Apple
• Third day: porridge of brown rice and homemade tomato juice – 1.5 l
• the Fourth day: boiled fish – 400 g and green vegetables
• Fifth day: buckwheat, steamed with boiling water the night before, as well as low-fat milk and green tea
• the Sixth day: boiled beef or other lean meat, 300 grams, green vegetables
• the Seventh day: green tea with honey – 1.5 l
• the Eighth day: low-fat yogurt – 1.5 l
• Ninth day: mineral water – 1.5 l (you can add in a Cup a slice of lemon)
• Tenth day: lean oatmeal and any fruit.

Option # 3 (the diet for 10 days without restrictions)

This diet allows you to lose 7-10 pounds. There is also no limitations to eat food, weight is not specified.

• First day: boiled eggs – 6-7 pieces, low-fat milk and green tea
• Second day: boiled lean fish
• Third day: low-fat cottage cheese (not forbidden sweeten it with honey)
• the Fourth day: boiled chicken breast without skin
• Fifth day: jacket potatoes – 5-6 pieces.
• the Sixth day: boiled beef or other lean meat
• the Seventh day: fresh or boiled vegetables (except potatoes)
• Eighth day: any fruit except grapes and bananas
• Ninth day: low-fat yogurt
• Tenth day: a decoction of rose hips


Ten day diet for weight loss is hardly suitable for those who are not used to restrict your diet a poor set of products. However, given what results can be achieved, it makes sense to make an effort.