Diet 90-60-90

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What is the effect of weight loss?

This diet severely limits consumption of fats, but brings to the forefront the useful proteins and carbohydrates in plant foods.

Fruit and vegetables provide the body with many useful items and bring only a minimum of calories complex carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins to prevent vitamin deficiency and loss of strength. Complete rejection of salt promotes the excretion of excess fluid and helps to get rid of edema.

Protein food, which is the basis of the diet, does not "die" from hunger, and in addition, does not allow the body to use as food own muscles. Nutritionists say that protein for dinner guarantees a paradoxical effect – the excess fat goes when we sleep. Gram of protein contains only 4 kcal, 1 kcal, the body has to spend its processing. It is also important that protein food helps get rid of depression – it stimulates the production of the hormone of happiness.

Diet menu

Diet lasts only a week, at this time will have to completely abandon salt, sugar, any fat and alcohol. Given menu can not be changed, otherwise the effect will not be complete. Before lunch 4 hours should not eat or drink anything. Weight loss after the diet-up to 7-10 kg.

• Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese — 200 g vegetable or cereal, and any fruit – 1 PCs., tea (coffee) or mineral water without gas
• Lunch: chicken breast or fish, boiled and vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon juice, any fruit – 1 PCs and green tea
• Dinner: sour-sweet fruit
• Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese — 200 g (as a variant, yogurt — 200 ml)

Additional recommendations

To diet 90-60-90 brought the best effect is to regularly perform a set of exercises. If this is not possible, will have to abandon the transport and lift (at least within reasonable limits). You can pay attention to the bodyflex – this system of exercises is based on the tension of specific muscle groups and aerobic respiration, therefore, does not require large expenditures of time, while ensuring a good effect.

Diet 90-60-90 will significantly lose weight in a small period of time, but do not forget – short-term diets often provide only a very fragile result.