Diet soiled

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to those who remember with horror their children's suffering over a bowl of semolina, this diet for weight loss is absolutely contraindicated (and for those who suffer from allergies to any of the ingredients of the diet). The rest of the categories of people it is suitable unconditionally. Diet soiled will not harm a cranky stomach and won't make to faint from the slightest effort. Let's find out what it is.

Briefly about the benefits of semolina

Many believe that semolina necessarily leads to the appearance of excess weight because of its high caloric content. Meanwhile, the energy value of this cereal (326 kcal per 100 g) differs little from the same period of buckwheat and rice (349 and 344 kcal, respectively). The starch semolina includes in its membership a large number of proteins, mineral substances (there are potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper and fluoride) and vitamins (gr. In and E and PP). It does contain minimal amounts of fiber, but this quality is good for the people with a "tender" stomach and diseased kidneys.

Manna diet lasts 5-7 days, repeat in a month. Weight loss is 4-5 kg. Semolina is cooking from the following ingredients:
• Milk of 2.5 % fat – 2 cups
• Semolina – 2 dessert spoons

Add sugar and salt are not recommended.

Menu (option # 1):
• Breakfast: semolina and sour-sweet fruit – 1 piece (weighing up to 100 g)
• Lunch: semolina and dried fruit – 4 PCs.
• Dinner: semolina with the addition of 1 tbsp of condensed milk

Menu (option # 2):
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner (same diet): semolina and 2 tsp jam (jam or honey)

the Edit menu or enable any additional products not. A liquid diet consists of carbonated water (you can drink it in unlimited amounts) and unsweetened beverages (it is not forbidden to drink coffee, tea, broth hips). The maximum rate of the last 2-3 cups a day.

Arbitrary option diet

Manna diet can and to change – it is enough to cook porridge in lightly salted water with the addition of a small amount of vegetable oil. In this case, the taste leaves much to be desired, however, the effectiveness of this method increases.

to Increase the fiber and strengthen the intestinal will allow the vegetables rich in dietary fiber, such as cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, rutabaga, etc. (can prescribed to replace a bowl of salad, dressed with lemon juice). In this case, this method of weight loss will depart from the canons of mono-diets, but its performance will not lose but at the same time and get rid of bowel problems. Liquid diet it makes sense to reinforce herbal teas, providing a cleansing the body of toxins and excess fluid.

Diet for soiled – the real way to lose weight. If you want to try this method of losing weight and to ensure its effectiveness. But do not forget – there are diseases requiring completely abandon croup, therefore, you should on this matter to consult a doctor.