Tea diet

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The pros of the diet

the Main advantage of tea weight loss diet is a diverse diet. One of the variants of this method allows to make the menu completely independently – tea you need to drink some time after a meal, between meals (3-5 cups per day).

the Second option (Japanese diet tea) proposes a specially designed menu (daily tea – 1.5 l).

Any of the options diet allows you to lose weight: green tea has the properties to break down fatty tissue. Healthy beverage is able to normalize the blood sugar level.

If you plan to make the menu yourself, include in a diet lean protein foods:
• low-fat dairy products
• lean meat
• Fish
• Egg white

it is Useful to eat vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, cereals.

the Exception are:
• Alcohol
• Sugar
• Flour
• Fatty foods
• Semi-finished products

the rate of salt should be controlled – ideally, it at all is to give up. Drinking diet needs to be supplemented with non-carbonated water and unsweetened herbal infusions.

Japanese tea diet

During the diet is recommended to drink Japanese green tea, but in its absence it is possible to use any other (importantly, the product was high quality).

Menu tea diet

• Breakfast: green tea, 150 g low-fat cottage cheese
• Dinner: 300 g stewed vegetables, boiled eggs (2 PCs.), green tea
• Dinner: steamed white fish fillet (200 g), steam dish, vegetables, green tea

• Breakfast: couple of slices of low-fat cheese, biscuits and green tea
• Lunch: fish fillet, steamed (200 g), cabbage salad, dressed with oil and lemon juice, green tea
• Dinner: boiled eggs (2 PCs.), veal or beef, boiled (300 g), vegetable salad, green tea

• Breakfast: green tea and fresh biscuits
• Lunch: stew of cauliflower and zucchini, and green tea and an Apple
• Dinner: boiled eggs (2 PCs), beef boiled and a salad of yellow and green vegetables

• Breakfast: green tea, 150 g low-fat cottage cheese
• Lunch: boiled egg, boiled carrots (you can make a salad with low-fat sour cream) and green tea
• Dinner: fruit and green tea

• Breakfast: green tea and toast with jam, sour
• Lunch and dinner: steamed white fish fillet, vegetable salad, a slice of low fat cheese, tomato juice and green tea

• Breakfast: green tea and toast
• Lunch: boiled chicken, salad from cabbage with vegetable oil, green tea
• Dinner: boiled eggs (2 PCs), salad of boiled carrots, green tea

• Breakfast: green tea, couple of slices of low-fat cheese
• Lunch: boiled beef (150 g), vegetables, green tea
• Dinner: fruit and green tea

Menu of the second week of the diet is similar.


Diets do not stick to:
• During pregnancy and lactation
• heart failure
• If impaired renal function
• If there are chronic and acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

it is Important to remember that strong brewed green tea in large quantities is forbidden – drink actively removes fluid from the body.


Tea diet is very effective – she consistently takes the extra weight. This fact is confirmed by enthusiastic reviews.