The diet from God (the law of kashrut)

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What reglementary the laws of kashrut?

These laws define not only the list of allowed foods, but also the storage and cooking of them. Truly kosher food can be considered only that which is produced (this mainly concerns the slaughter of livestock and poultry) and prepared strictly in accordance with numerous regulations.

Prescription diet from God

Food meat

Kosher animal must belong to the category of ruminant and cloven-hoofed animals. On the table of the Jews have all the chances to get:
• Cow
• Goat
• Sheep

in the absence of any signs of the animal cannot be eaten. This primarily applies to the following types:
• Pig
• Horses
• Camels

this category can be attributed to all members of the animal world consumed by inhabitants of the exotic countries. This, for example:
• Insects
• Snail
• Snakes

are all Kosher poultry:
• Geese
• Duck
• Chickens
• Turkeys

the Wild (especially predatory) birds do not belong to the category of kosher.

to Cook meat only after the salting (do not salt the meat only when cooking it on the coals and open flame).

Dairy products

In the food you can consume milk derived from kosher animals. Products made from milk in any case should not include the "meat" of the components (gelatin from animal bones, enzymes, gastric juice, etc.). It is worth remembering – according to the laws of kashrut meat and milk are not compatible. Between the use of animal food and milk must be at least 1-6 hours (opinions on the exact numbers differ). But after consuming dairy products, it is sufficient to wait 1-2 hours and you can eat the meat.

Parve — fish, vegetables, fruits

the Products belonging to this group can be eaten with dairy and meat food. However, to start the meal is with fish dishes.


can be considered a Kosher fish having both fins and scales. To this category we can classify the following types:
• Carp
• Wireless
• Salmon
• Pike
• Trout
• Sardines
• Great
• Tuna
• Herring
• Anchovies
• Sea bass
• Herring
• the Shad
• Halibut
• Haddock
• Groundsel
• Cod

do Not fall in this category are species such as:
• Shark
• kit
• Acne

the Ban subject and the following seafood:
• Scallops
• Shellfish
• Crabs
• Lobster
• Shrimp
• Oysters
• Octopus
• Snail
• Squid
• Turtle

to Cook fish so that it is not in contact neither with the animals nor with dairy fats.

Fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts

These products are considered kosher only if they are not maggots, worms and insects. To avoid problems with fruit and vegetables it is recommended to hold in a weak solution of vinegar.


Eggs can be consumed only in the absence of the yolks blood spots. It is recommended to split into a separate dish and cooked – check carefully before use. Eggs with yellow skin and blood clots are more common.

Bread and other flour products

the Dough should be kneaded on the water. The composition of the products often enter:
• Egg
• Honey
• Oil

the Amount of these ingredients required to be less than the amount of water used. Before kneading should check the eggs for the presence of blood stains and be sure to sift the flour.

Diet from God will allow you to maintain health and avoid sudden changes of weight. It's possible these recommendations will be the principles of nutrition for you and your family.