Grain diet (sandwich)

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The essence of bread diet

Grain diet fit and busy people, spending most of the day at work and carrying Housewives. Will have to eat sandwiches, that's just the preparation, it is preferable to use the dietary grades of bread (although plain bread ban is not imposed, but only limited to the size of the daily dose).

Why choose diet bread?

Due to the lack of rich components, any kind of diet bread can boast relatively low in calories. Plus, the presence in this product of dietary fiber causes the body to expend a certain amount of calories for its processing and utilization. Diet bread good for the stomach and intestines – this fact is proven successful by many fans of this product. Given that varieties of diet bread include different crops, you can choose the diet most suitable option that meet personal food preferences.

Important recommendations

During grain diet should:
• Take vitamin complex, and calcium
• Women in the day to drink 8-10 cups of liquid, and men 10-12 article.

The first stage

this phase Lasts 2 weeks. The diet of women includes 8-12 slices of diet bread (or half of the customary). Men can increase this dose up to 12-16 slices of diet bread (respectively 6-8 pieces usually).

Bread is to smear a thin layer of oil (butter or peanut) or put transparent slice of boiled meat (optionally, fish, lean ham, etc.). There are only 2 restrictions – layer of the filling must be extremely thin (in this case sweets should be avoided at all), and the weight of the slice of bread should not exceed 15 g.

in Addition to the sandwiches in the diet includes the following products:
• Vegetables (boiled, steamed, baked, or fresh).
• eggs (2-3 pieces per week)
• Live yoghurt – 200 ml per day
• Fish (meat) dishes prepared with vegetables – every other day they replace half the daily requirement of bread
• sweet-and-Sour fruit (1-3 pieces depending on size)

it is recommended to Eat a fractional, every 3-4 hours. The last meal at 18.00.

The second stage

after 14 days part of the daily allowance of bread should be replaced by other products.

Analogous to a pair of pieces of ordinary bread are:
• Cooked grains and cereals (oats, buckwheat, brown rice) – 0.75 PT.
• Beans, boiled — 1 tbsp.
• Pasta — 1 tbsp. ready-made

Analogous to a pair of pieces of diet bread will be:
• Corn – 1 cob
• Potato, boiled – 1 PC.
• Unsweetened cereal – 4 tbsp
• Crackers – 1-2 pieces.
• Cereal -2 tbsp.

in addition, you should increase the amount of fruit (up to 3 servings per day). Once a week you can afford low-fat dessert (e.g., Popsicles). The duration of this stage is not regulated.


For the first 2 weeks will carry 5-7 kg of excess weight. If you can not imagine life without sandwiches, then grain diet is designed for you.