Diet for healthy teeth

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it is Important to remember that the damaged teeth is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a significant factor affecting the health of the body. Caries can provoke diseases of the heart, joints and kidneys, and inflammation of the tonsils, and even cancer (according to research conducted by Japanese scientists from Nagoya University). That is why the diet for healthy teeth should be observed from a very early age. Our article will tell you what it is.

What foods are important for healthy teeth?

we Offer you a list of nutrients needed to maintain healthy teeth, as well as a list of products with which they can be obtained.

the position of the leader is calcium. This element strengthens the teeth and protects them from hazardous factors (including temperature changes). With a lack of calcium in the body teeth just "crumble".

to avoid this is to use the following products:
• Soy
• Broccoli
• Sesame seeds
• Figs
• Whole milk, cheese, cheese, etc.

No less important for healthy teeth fluoride. This element helps to protect tooth enamel from acid that destroys the teeth and causes caries.

Fluoride is abundantly present in foods such as:
• salmon
• Walnuts
• Black tea (it should not insist for longer than 5 min. – after that, the fluorine content is reduced)

one should Not lose sight of the phosphorus – it regulates the distribution of calcium in the body and strengthens the enamel.

This element contains:
• Egg
• Fish
• Beef
• Milk

taking Care of their teeth need to consume foods rich in iron.

these include:
• Red meat
• Liver
• Buckwheat
• Beans
• Apples

Iron contributes to the normalization of blood circulation. With its lack of high risk of development of periodontitis.

in Addition to the above elements it is essential to enter into the diet foods rich in vitamin D (it allows you to fully absorb calcium and phosphorus). In addition, this important vitamin prevents the formation of dental calculus.

you can Find it in the following products:
• Fish oil
• Egg
• butter and other dairy products.
• Eggs
• Nettle
• Parsley
• Mushrooms

This vitamin is synthesized by the body, but it is often necessary to spend time in the sun.

Another very important vitamin refers to group B. Vitamin B6 is very necessary to our gums. Moreover, it prevents the appearance of cracks and ulcerations in the mucosa.

you can Find it in the following products:
• Grain sprouts
• Walnuts and hazelnuts
• Potatoes
• Spinach
• Cauliflower tomatoes
• Carrots
• Strawberry

And finally, the famous "fighter" for the health of the gums is vitamin C. Its reserves can be replenished by consuming foods such as:
• Most of the vegetables (beets, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, onions, etc.)
• Citrus
• Apples
• Hips
• Currants

Important advice for healthy teeth

One only a diet cannot guarantee absolute teeth health. Lack of regular control will negate all the beneficial properties of used products. Therefore it is very important every six months checkups at the dentist. The specialist will give recommendations on caring for the oral cavity and will warn about the appearance of inflammation on the gums or caries on the teeth. It is worth noting that in the initial stages of these problems are progressing very slowly and they can be solved, that is, small victims.

it is Extremely important not only to monitor the health of their teeth, but also to teach it to their children. If the whole family observes proper diet and regular visits to the dentist, then dental problems can be avoided.