Diet for weight loss legs

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The main provisions of the diet

needless to remind you that diet diet not may have local actions on the problem areas (losing weight whole body). To remove excess fat from the legs, will have to resort not only to diet but also to exercise, work out the problem area. Diet used for weight loss feet, is based on General principles. It seriously restricts the proportion of fat and fast carbohydrates (due to these elements of food to reduce caloric intake). Priority is given to protein foods. Also the diet includes a variety of vegetables. The fruit allowance is somewhat limited – the majority of them is composed of a high percentage of sugar, which prevents systematically lose weight. Great importance to have products containing calcium – this element affects fat metabolism. Large quantities of calcium is present in dairy products. You can enter in the diet of "hot" components such as pepper, ginger, garlic (they speed up metabolism). It is recommended to drink enough non-carbonated and unsweetened fluids – it will help to cleanse the body from decay products and toxins. Do not drink coffee, it is believed that aromatic drink contributes to the formation of cellulite bumps on the body. The same applies to alcoholic beverages (except for dry wines). Menu can be on their own, but the caloric daily intake should not exceed 1100 calories (if you want to lose weight quickly). Such a low calorie diet should be followed for 14 days.

Sample menu


Morning: rye toast with slices of tomato and lettuce, low-fat yogurt with slices of kiwi and Apple
Day: steam chicken cutlets, mixed salad of non-starchy vegetables
afternoon Snack: lettuce and some boiled bean
Evening: oven-baked Apple, a little honey, and a dish of cauliflower and low-fat cheese


Morning: stewed mushroom, fish fillets, bread, 1 tsp jam
Day: a large portion of salad, a slice of cheese, a loaf
afternoon Snack: dairy drink (you can add pieces of fruit)
Evening: fish fillet baked with vegetables and a glass of dry wine


Morning: bread and scrambled eggs
Day: a large portion of vegetable salad, melon, rye toast
afternoon Snack: dairy drink (you can add pieces of fruit)
Evening: a dish of cabbage and tomatoes, a bit of dry wine


Morning: toast, a slice of low-fat cheese, fresh tomato and lettuce
Day: leaf lettuce, toast with a slice of lean ham, an Apple
Dinner: baked fish, something from the vegetables
Evening: vegetables, beef chop, a little dry wine


Morning: cereal with added bran, filled with low-fat milk, and an Apple
Day: boiled shrimp (150 g), vegetables, pear
afternoon Snack: roasted tomatoes, topped with grated cheese, toast
Evening: fish baked with tomatoes, portion of boiled white beans


Morning: serving of low-fat yogurt, slice of melon
Day: crackers and a pear or orange
afternoon Snack: vegetable broth, crusty bread, fresh tomatoes
Evening: buckwheat pasta, tomato, steam chicken cutlets (150 g)


Morning: a fruit mix with yogurt
Day: toast with a slice of cold boiled meat, kiwi
afternoon Snack: toast with sliced tomatoes and bell peppers
Evening: Lenten porridge, assorted vegetables, boiled chicken.


Diet for losing weight in legs effective in combination with special exercises. You will lose weight fairly quickly (a week on average, you can lose 3-4 kg).