Gipoholesterinova diet

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Many of us have to expose themselves to certain risk factors. Our article is dedicated to those who by the nature of its activities is forced to experience a high level of load on the hearing aid. Let's find out what is gipoholesterinova diet.

What can cause damage to hearing?

the Main enemy of hearing – constant noise. In most cases this adverse factor is found in the production of hardware creates a noticeable vibration. Hearing loss also affects people who are forced to be near a working column (bartenders, disc jockeys, etc.).

Is it possible to improve hearing with the diet?

Many people still believe that rumor has nothing to do with food. American doctors proved the falsity of this opinion. After research, they found out: reduce fat fractions of the blood and of cholesterol in the body improves the perception of sound (approximately 25-30 decibels). Gipoholesterinova diet is useful not only for hearing but also for the organism as a whole (particularly for the heart and blood vessels). Stick to it any person who notices hearing loss, are at risk or just decided to improve your health.

Features gipoholesterinovu diet

1. To preserve and improve the hearing you must minimize the consumption of salt.

the Daily rate prescribed for this diet is 2 g. Salt can only already cooked food. Will have to abandon the following products:
• Pickled vegetables
• Pickles, marinades
• Smoked
• Mustard
• Soy sauce
• Ketchup
• Mayonnaise
• Canned

at First it will be difficult to adapt to salted food, but over time, food cravings will change. In addition, it is quite possible to improve the taste of food with some herbs and lemon juice.

2. It is very important to minimize consumption of animal fats. Replacing it may be a vegetable oil, but also in limited quantities.

3. Another limitation is required for all products containing caffeine. Recent studies proved that foods such as chocolate, tea, coffee, cocoa, Cola, etc. adversely affect the composition of the endolymph, and therefore reduces hearing.

4. Gipoholesterinova diet prescribes completely abandon alcohol (in any form). Under the ban are not only strong, but also soft drinks.

Alcohol, even in small concentrations has a toxic effect on perceiving the hearing cells, which as a result just die.

Advice on nutrition to improve hearing

Danish scientists have shown that folic acid (vitamin B9) reduces the risk of hearing loss. Regularly exposed to noise, should use products, which excess is this important element.

this category may include:
• lean meat
• Kidney
• Liver
• Leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, etc.)
• Citrus
• Fruits
• Black beans
• Products made of whole grains
• Dairy products

eating Right and giving up some harmful addictions you can significantly reduce the risk of hearing loss — for this we need gipoholesterinova diet. Be attentive to your body!