Chicken diet

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In a low-calorie diet used primarily white meat poultry – this product contains low fats and high proteins. It contains essential amino acids. Poultry meat contains a complex of b-vitamins as well as salts of iron, copper, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Chicken meat for a long time numbs the feeling of hunger, prevents fatigue. The calorie content of chicken meat varies between 135-195 kcal/100 g (depending on the part of the carcass is high-calorie dark meat than white). Chicken diet may have a different menu, but in either case, the share of meat account for about half of daily calories. The chicken cannot roast fat – allowed to boil, be steamed, baked.

Monodiet chicken

Chicken diet for 3 days has a very strict menu. The diet consists of 700-800 g of boiled chicken meat without skin (need to divide it into 5 portions). You can drink herbal teas, green or white tea, water, coffee (invigorating drink, it is recommended to enter in the morning menu). Weight loss for 2-3 days – 1-2 kg.

A diet based on chicken and vegetables

a Diet of chicken and vegetables has a more balanced menu. Plant foods prevents constipation, "dilutes" the diet. The duration of this diet is 1-2 weeks. Throughout the week, it takes about 3-4 kg.

For Breakfast you need to eat 150 grams of meat and non-starchy raw vegetables. Snack – 100 grams of meat and an Apple or 150 g of vegetable puree. Dining meal consists of porridge and meat (150 g of each). Porridge should be cooked on water without using salt and fat (in the priority of buckwheat or brown rice). In the evening (3-4 hours before bedtime), you can eat a little chicken (no more than 50 grams) and a serving of vegetables (about 150-200 grams). You can also drink a Cup of vegetable broth. During the day it is recommended to consume plenty of unsweetened fluids (at least 8 calendar).

Low-calorie chicken diet for 3 weeks

This diet does not possess a varied menu of – to withstand it quite difficult. If you cope with the task, you will be able to lose 5-6 kg. Daily ration consists of 600 g chicken meat, 400 grams of fresh, boiled or stewed vegetables, vegetable porridge of buckwheat or oatmeal (about 200 g) with sour-sweet fruits (2-3 pieces). Liquid diet includes tea without sugar, water, and diluted with water natural juices. From vegetables, you can prepare salads with vegetable oil (1 tsp per serving). To distribute products is for 4-6 servings.

Phased diet chicken

Diet is divided into stages (3 days each). Weight loss in 9 days – 5-6 kg.

the Days of No. 1... No. 3: chicken, boiled (about 1 kg), tea, water, nonfat chicken broth (to avoid constipation, you can add to the diet herbs).
the Days of No. 4... No. 6: green apples – 1-1.5 kg. you Can drink herbal teas and water. Apple is allowed to prepare the juice and drink it in diluted form. The fruit can be baked or eaten fresh.
the Days of No. 7...No. 9: low-fat chicken broth, water, vegetable broth, unsweetened teas (the rate of fluid – about 2 l).


Chicken diet may have a modest, and quite a varied menu. Practice shows that the difference in weight loss when observing protein and protein-carbohydrate diet to the minimum (no special sense to abandon vegetables and fruits).