Dairy diet

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Briefly about the benefits of diet

Diet for dairy products – weight loss method that allows you to lose weight without suffering from hunger. Yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream, yogurt, yogurt – all these foods are easily digested and quickly suppress the feeling of hunger. Dairy products can be consumed even by lactose intolerance. They are a source of animal protein, necessary for normal functioning of the body and to maintain muscle tissue. The calcium contained in dairy products, prevents the formation of fat accumulation, improves the condition of bones and teeth.

Diet No. 1 (yogurt or sour milk and vegetables)

the Duration of this technique of weight loss is 3-5 days. Every day should drink 1.5 liters of kefir (curdled milk) and eat about 0.8-1 kg of vegetables (potatoes excluded). Diet – fractional (up to 6 portions of food a day).

Diet No. 2 (dairy products, meat, vegetables)

This diet lasts for 3-7 days. Menu is the same for all days.

• Breakfast: 0.5 tbsp. of yogurt, 2 toast of black bread
• Lunch: 250 g boiled meat or 200 grams of fish, and 0.5 St. sour milk, fresh tomatoes
• Snack: 2 toast of black bread, cucumber and 20 g of low-fat sour cream
• Dinner: lettuce, 100 g low-fat cottage cheese, tea.

For the full period of the diet excludes salt, sugar, alcohol, sauces. Liquid diet represented only teas and sparkling water.

Diet No. 3 (dairy products, fruits, vegetables)

This diet is designed for 3 to 7 days.

• Breakfast: a cocktail of 200 ml drinking yoghurt or kefir, grated Apple and 1 tsp honey (you can replace apples with other fruit)
• Lunch: cold soup made from cucumbers, herbs, yogurt and grain bread
• Dinner: 50 g of lean ham, 100 g of nonfat cottage cheese with chopped greens
• In between meals: whey, herbal teas, water

Diet No. 4 (low calorie diet)

This diet takes 2-3 weeks. Sugar is eliminated completely, the rate of salt is seriously curtailed. The daily rate of the liquid is 2-3 L.

• Breakfast (for all days of the diet): low-fat cheese slice, wholegrain bread, tea

Options for lunch and dinner

• Lunch: whey and apples
• Dinner: cucumber (2 PCs), egg, cottage cheese (125 g)

• Lunch: chicken fillet (200 g boiled), cucumbers
• Dinner: low-fat and unsweetened yogurt, 125 g of cottage cheese

• Lunch: low-fat cheese (100 g), Apple
• Dinner: eggs (2 PCs.), green vegetables (200 g)

• Lunch: cucumbers, fish baked with vegetables
• Dinner: salad of boiled vegetables (potatoes excluded), egg, beef (50 g)

• Lunch: low-fat cottage cheese (125 g), orange
• Dinner: egg, radish, 100 g lean ham

• Lunch: whey, apples (2 PCs)
• Dinner: cottage cheese (125 g), 200 ml of curdled milk.

• Lunch: cucumber, 100 grams chicken
• Dinner: radishes and 100 g of low-fat cheese


Milk diet should not be used during exacerbation of chronic diseases (especially if they affect the gastrointestinal tract). According to reviews, the weight loss individual in an average day takes about 500 g.