Diet after gallbladder removal

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Key recommendations

In the bile ducts of bile is stored little – this is not enough for normal digestion. This important substance is not stagnant, it is recommended to eat a fractional, limiting portion size (the best is a five-time meal). If you do not follow this recommendation in the biliary tract will arise the same problem that affected the gall bladder, we will develop an inflammatory process, the stones are formed.

it Is necessary to take into account the fact that after cholecystectomy (the so-called operation to remove the gallbladder) bile reduces the amount of enzymes that promote the digestion of fats. In this regard, from the diet of patients should be excluded mutton and beef fat, bacon (that is, any refractory animal fats). Vegetable and dairy fats, by contrast, to exclude is not recommended — they promote the discharge of bile.

After gallbladder removal foods should be prepared steamed, or braised uvarivaetsja. In the process of roasting substances are formed, leading to active secretion of gastric juice and irritating the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract (in the absence of the gallbladder activation of the digestive process is highly undesirable).

Doctors and nutritionists suggest patients eat strictly according to the regime, observing the mealtime. Due to this stabiliziruemost the work of the digestive system, which is so important in the absence of the gallbladder.

Diet after surgery gallbladder removal

Right after surgery (the first day) is recommended liquid diet, which includes loosely brewed tea, natural juices from sour berries and fruit (they should be diluted with water in proportion 1:1), compote of dried fruits. Fluid you need to drink 5-6 times a day small meals (150-200 ml).

On the second day the menu can include the patient's mucous membranes soups, well boiled and pureed porridge (semolina, rice, oatmeal), jelly made from fruit and berry juices.

On the third or fourth day is allowed to extend the patient's diet you can eat low-fat cottage cheese, boiled or steamed lean meat, boiled fish fillet, croutons from wheat bread.

Daily diet after gallbladder removal

in the preparation of the first dishes you can use a light vegetable broth with the addition of cereals (except millet). The second dishes are recommended to cook with lean varieties of beef or chicken. A couple times a week supposed to eat fish (particularly useful for marine species).

Benefits of fermented milk products. It is recommended to cook all sorts of dishes, from cheese puddings, casseroles, curd. Can be added to meals fat-free sour cream. Eggs should not be ruled out, but they need to cook a soft-boiled (allowed and light steam omelets).

Since fats take an active part in metabolic processes, to completely abandon them is impossible: it is permissible to use a small amount of butter, the dishes can be prepared with addition of vegetable fat.

After gallbladder removal it is useful to enter into the diet of porridge (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, barley). You need to eat vegetables and sweet varieties of fruit (sour Beers are excluded). Great benefit to bring: carrots, pumpkin, melon, melons (gourds contribute to the active excretion of urine, and therefore effectively cleanse the body from decay products). For dessert, you can use jam, marmalade, jelly, marshmallows, honey.

The list of prohibited products

After cholecystectomy not eat food, irritating the gastrointestinal mucosa. This category includes:
• Spice
• Onions
• Radish
• Garlic
• Radish
• Mushrooms
• Fish, meat, mushroom broth
• Sour, smoked, spicy foods
• Marinades, pickles, canned food
• Fatty meats, fish, poultry
• Sweets (candies, cakes, sweet sparkling water, etc.)
• Beans, peas, wholemeal bread and other products in large quantity containing crude fiber
• Cold foods and products (jelly, ice cream, etc.)

After gall bladder removal, patients feel a range of unpleasant symptoms: worsening of digestion, bloating, diarrhea. In the latter case (diarrhea) is supposed to limit your intake or eliminate from the diet of dairy products and to enter in the menu foods containing dietary fibre (wholemeal bread, brown rice, etc.).

professional Reviews: it is worth remembering that post-operative diet after gallbladder removal must be consistent with the attending physician and followed throughout life. Only in this case, you can count on lasting remission.