Russian diet

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Key recommendations

From the diet should exclude:
• Simple carbohydrates (sugar, pastries, etc.)
• Animal fats
• Oily and spicy sauces
• Mayonnaise
• Sharp seasonings (pepper, mustard, etc.)
• Alcohol
• Soft drinks

the duration of the course weight loss Russian diet – 2 months. Every day should drink 1.5-2 liters of clean water. The basis of the diet of this diet are vegetables, fruits and lean protein foods. To improve efficiency it is advisable to provide yourself with regular physical activity (fit classes in the pool, the gym, etc.).

Sample menu

• Breakfast: lean fish (100g), a salad of pickled cabbage with the addition of boiled carrot and green peas (150 g), and black coffee without sugar
• Second Breakfast: low fat cottage cheese (100 g) and green apples (2 PCs)
• Lunch: vegetarian soup, boiled meat (100 g) cabbage, sauteed add carrots (150 g), and Apple compote
• Dinner: boiled fish (100 g) jacket potatoes (2 PCs.) and unsweetened tea

• Breakfast: salad of cabbage with green peas, onions and unrefined vegetable oil (200 g), and unsweetened coffee
• Second Breakfast: low fat yogurt (250 ml)
• Lunch: beef Stroganoff with boiled carrots (100 g) and juice
• Dinner: boiled fish (100 g), baked potato (2 pieces) and orange

• Breakfast: egg, soft-boiled (1 piece), and unsweetened coffee and toast
• lunch: buckwheat, boiled in water with pieces of fresh fruit (100 g)
• Lunch: boiled chicken without skin (150 g) and apples (2 pieces) and orange (1 piece)
• Dinner: the salad with unrefined vegetable oil and Apple juice (250 ml)

• Breakfast: low fat yogurt (250 ml) with toast
• lunch: vegetable salad with unrefined vegetable oil
• Lunch: boiled meat (100 g), and a salad of sauerkraut with green peas and onions (150 g)
• Dinner: vegetable soup, prepared on weak meat broth, and grated carrots (100 g) with a small amount of low fat sour cream

• Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese (2 tbsp), and unsweetened coffee
• Second Breakfast: apples (2 PCs.), oranges (2 PCs.), orange juice (250 ml)
• Dinner: boiled sausage (1 piece) and white cabbage salad, seasoned with lemon juice, and orange juice (250 ml)
• Dinner: lean fish (150 g), red currants and gooseberries (100 g) and mineral water

• Breakfast: boiled meat (100 g), sauerkraut (100 grams)
the Second Breakfast: low fat cottage cheese (100 g)
• Lunch: vegetable soup, cooked in low-fat meat broth, and a slice of black bread
• Dinner: slice lean pork and beetroot salad with prunes (100 g) and unsweetened tea

• Breakfast: buckwheat porridge on the water (100 g) with 1 tbsp of honey
• lunch: fruit salad (150 g)
• Dinner: boiled fish (100 g), green salad with unrefined vegetable oil(150g)
• Dinner: boiled meat (100 g), boiled potatoes (2 PCs.) and green Apple (1 piece) and Apple juice (250 ml)


Russian diet does not guarantee immediate results, but after being on it for awhile, do you normalize your weight. We wish you good luck!