Scarsdale diet Dr. Tarnower

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Key recommendations

This method of weight loss offers completely abandon the easily digestible sugars and severely limit consumption of carbohydrates derived from plant foods. However, Dr. Tarnower, the grapefruit elevates to the rank of a compulsory element of the daily menu. He also insists on using a large amount of protein, and the largest portions in this diet to think does not have to get up from the table can only be fully satiated (not overeating in this case). The doctor States the weight not only not increase, but will decrease fast enough (at 200-400 g a day). The author explains the diet that the pounds go away due to the chemical reactions occurring in the body.

Menu kardailsky diet includes:
• non-starchy vegetables
• Grapefruit
• low-fat meat and dairy products.
• Egg
• Dried corn bread or bread of wheat flour
• sugar-free Drinks (water, tea, decoction of herbs that suppress the appetite)

note – during this diet it is very important to drink plenty of fluids, otherwise health problems can not be avoided. You can eat only 3 times a day, without any snacking.

the duration of the weight loss methods Dr. Herman Tarnower – 14 days, with an unsatisfactory result, repeat after 14 days.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: toast corn bread and half a grapefruit and tea or coffee
• Lunch: toasted grain bread, low fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs (2 PCs.), boiled beans and tea or organic coffee
• Dinner: chicken cooked on the grill (skin is removed), green bell pepper, lettuce and tea or coffee

Pros kardailsky diet

• the Pounds go away quickly
• Diet is well tolerated and does not cause feelings of hunger
• No need to consider the weight of products and their caloric content

Cons of diet Dr. Tarnower

• Strict mode power supply
• Low intake of plant foods and healthy carbs
• Herbal teas that suppress appetite, can harm people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as those who has problems with the pressure

the Proposed method of weight loss can not bear the proud title of the best diet – it is one-sided and can cause health problems. So, when making your choice, forget about reason.