Diet if you are allergic to milk

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Causes of allergies to milk

Just born babies are very dependent on the food preferences of the mother. At this time, the body begins to adapt to foreign proteins and an excess of dairy products consumed by the mother can cause serious allergic reactions. Therefore, when the first signs of allergies that the mother must go on a strict hypoallergenic diet.

Another major cause of this disease is a genetic predisposition. In addition to provoke adverse symptoms may some of the features of child's organism, namely:
• Violation of the gastrointestinal tract
• Nesformirovannost microflora or high permeability of the intestinal mucosa
• Insufficient formation of digestive enzymes

Forms of allergies

cow's milk protein Allergy can manifest as follows:
• Skin rashes (dermatitis)
• Unstable stool
• Vomiting
• Bloating
• Shortness of breath
• Cough
• Conjunctivitis
• Runny nose

Diet while breastfeeding

If you suspect that the baby's problem it is milk, you need to be sure of that, consult your doctor or an allergist and making the necessary tests. Until a response is received should be excluded from the mother's diet such products as:
• Fresh milk and dairy products
• Egg
• fish eggs and some fish
• Seafood
• Mushrooms
• Nuts
• Honey
• Cocoa and coffee
• Fruits, vegetables and berries red and orange colors
• Pineapple, kiwi, avocado
• Mushroom, meat and fish broth
• Sausages, ham
• Pickles and preserves, spices and savory dishes
• Pickled cabbage, radish and turnip,
• Sweet carbonated drinks, kvass
• Products, which include chemical additives

it Is necessary to limit consumption of pastries, sweets and salt.

Recommended products:
• Green vegetables and fruit
• Cereals
• Vegetable and cereal soups
• Dried white bread
• Lean meat boiled and stewed.

Diet at the artificial and mixed feeding

mixed feeding is also of great importance in the diet of the mother confirming the suspicion of "milk" Allergy it is necessary to exclude completely from your diet, any dairy products. To finish feeding the baby is a mix, created soy-based or hydrolysed milk (hydrolysis of the milk molecules become smaller, which virtually eliminates the possibility of allergies). There are three types of these hypoallergenic baby foods:
1. Therapeutic group. Mixture therein, do not contain allergens (Nutrilon Pepti, the Alfar Frisopep, TSC, Tutteli of Peptide, etc.). They are appointed by the pronounced sensitivity to dairy proteins.
2. Treatment-and-prophylactic group. Mixture in this group is recommended for mild and moderate sensitivity to cow's milk protein. In this group include: Humana HA 0, HA 1, HA 2, nutrilac HA, HIPP HA 1 and HA 2.
3. Preventive group. Mix this kind of makes sense to use to prevent allergies or after the complete disappearance of her symptoms (this is more suited Nan HA).

the Baby who is bottle-fed, prescribe the appropriate specific case of a mixture with a gradual introduction of (age-appropriate) products related to hypoallergenic group.

a milk Allergy is very common today. Do not ignore the symptoms, believing that a child "outgrow" is almost guaranteed to bring even greater problems.